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    Honda to preview new hybrid in Paris

    Honda's plans to regroup its hybrid efforts are well documented. In addition to a new Civic hybrid, the automaker revealed that a production hybrid based on the sharp CR-Z concept is also in the works. We also know that a third hybrid model is being developed from the ground up, and we'll get to ...

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    Honda readies new hybrid attack, calling the Civic Hybrid a mistake

    Honda CEO Takeo Fukui has said Honda will now take the hybrid war seriously, with a claim that, "The real competition has just begun." Honda is planning to come out with a hybrid-only model in early 2009 that will provide genuine competition for the Toyota Prius.It seems everyone has been forced to ...

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    Honda plans hybrid to rival Toyota Prius

    Toyota's Prius has been the perennial hybrid player for a few years now and Honda thinks it's about time to provide it with some competition. Honda has big plans for its next generation hybrid, with annual worldwide sales expected to be in the neighborhood of 200,000 – half of which are ...

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    Honda to let individuals test FCX in 2008; plans cheaper hybrid in 2009

    Click photo for Autoblog Green's FCX test drive.At a demonstration of its FCX fuel cell concept in Los Angeles, Thursday, Honda confirmed what we reported in December: that they will have a limited number of FCXs on the ground for real-world testing in 2008. USA Today says Honda currently already ...


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