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    Bang for Your Bark: AAA picks best canine-friendly cars

    Honda Element, one of AAA's best dog-friendly vehicles – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Dog owners looking for a new set of wheels can take heart; the American Automobile Association has taken the time to pick a handful of vehicles best suited to moving your furry friend from one ...

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    Honda announces recall of 2010 Element models with manual transmissions

    2010 Honda Element – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced on its website that Honda is recalling 585 2010 Element crossovers equipped with a manual transmission. The vehicles in question may have an improperly set cable that ...

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    101 uses for ex-wife's wedding dress includes oil pan, gas cap

    Kevin Cotter recently found himself among the other 50 percent of Americans who wind up getting divorced from their first spouse. Rather than wallow in the broken remains of 12 years of marriage, the guy decided to have a little fun. See, his ex-wife refused to take her wedding dress when she ...

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    Review: 2010 Honda Element with Dog Friendly package leaves tails wagging

    2010 Honda Element with Dog Friendly Package - Click above for high-res image gallery
    How does an automaker take a model that's been largely unchanged since inception and give it a little juice seven years into its life cycle? If you're Honda, you go to the dogs. Literally. After unveiling it as ...

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    REPORT: Honda finally approves a second act for the Element

    2010 dog-friendly Honda Element - click above for high-res image gallery
    In spite of being functionally outstanding, Honda's odd looking Element crossover has never lived up to sales expectations. The funky box never approached the initial sales target of 75,000 units a year, and this year it's ...

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    LA 2009: Luna and Toby model the 2010 Honda Element Dog Friendly package

    Luna, left, and Toby, model the Honda Element Dog Friendly edition - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Honda certainly can't be accused of running a dog and pony show here at the LA Auto Show, because there were no ponies. They did, however, have the adorable Luna and Toby on hand to ...

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    REPORT: Honda goes back to drawing board for smaller, lighter next-gen Civic

    2009 Honda Civic – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you introduced an '80s-era Honda Civic to its modern counterpart, it couldn't recognize what it's become. But after decades of growing dimensions, Honda's going back to the drawing board for the next-gen Civic. The change in ...

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    Ruffing It: Honda confirms canine-friendly Element to nuzzle into showrooms next month

    2010 Honda Dog Friendly Element - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Honda Element would seem to be a fine choice for anyone with an active lifestyle that wants a vehicle that's able to haul a ton of stuff while getting reasonable fuel economy and not breaking the piggy bank. Now – ...

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    REPORT: Once again, the Nissan Cube proves that it's hip (for older folks) to be square

    2009 Nissan Cube Krom - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Apparently, those with graying temples are attracted to cars that automakers had originally intended for younger audiences. This trend was most recently noticed with Honda Element and Scion xB, which featured heavily youth-slanted ...

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    2009 Honda Element debuts, priced from $20,175

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Honda Element
    Honda has taken the wraps off its redesigned 2009 Element after a number of leaked shots revealed the CUV's new skin. Priced from $20,175 for a 2WD LX model to $25,185 for a 4WD EX with Honda's Satellite-linked navigation, the new Element ...

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    More 2009 Honda Element pics surface

    Click above for gallery of the restyled 2009 Honda Element
    Today we get to see the updates that Honda has made for its next Element more clearly. The most noticeable action is up front as the boxy 'ute gets Honda's new corporate-look grille. Classier head lights flank the five-sided opening and ...

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    2009/10 Honda Element revealed in brochure

    Click above to enlarge
    Thanks to Autoblog reader Brad, we now have proof Honda's new corporate grille that first debuted on the 2009 Pilot will be making its way to the 2009/10 Element, as well. This brochure scan reveals the Element's new face, which is clearly more mature and grown up than the ...

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    Honda announces pricing for 2007 Element

    Honda launched its updated 2007 Element LX and EX models in the U.S. Wednesday, with prices starting at $18,900. The all-new Element SC will also debut in showrooms September 28, starting at $22,695.The entire Element lineup benefits from freshened styling, an extra 10 hp (for a total of 166 hp), ...


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