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34Honda Recalls 820,000 Civics And Pilots

Wires can overheat and melt, knocking out headlights

DETROIT (AP) - Honda says it is recalling more than 820,000 Civic compact cars and Pilot SUVs because the headlights can fail.

21Man Holds Funeral For A Beloved 1982 Honda Civic

Resilient car had become local legend in one New York City neighborhood

The 1982 Honda Civic had been overturned in riots and had its four tires stolen. It sustained major damage during an accident. It logged more than 170,000 miles on its odometer and became a neighborhood fixture.

7Saturday Brings Key Deadline For Honda Civic Hybrid Owners Disappointed in Fuel Economy

After one woman's small-claims court success, number of individual lawsuits may rise

Since an improbable victory over Honda last week in a California small-claims court, a woman who sued over the disappointing fuel economy on her Civic hybrid says she has fielded hundreds of inquiries from disgruntled owners asking how they can follow in her footsteps.

474Woman Wins Lawsuit Against Honda Over Disappointing Fuel Economy

Automaker misled consumer on fuel economy; Hyundai Elantra under scrutiny by consumer groups

Honda presented misleading information to the owner of a 2006 Civic Hybrid when it claimed the car could get as many as 50 miles per gallon, according to a legal ruling issued Wednesday.

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