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11Fire up your 3D printer! Honda releases data for several of its past concepts [w/video]

Futurists have been treating 3D printing like it is the second coming of the Industrial Revolution for years. Everyone will have a 3D printer in their garage and be able make practically anything at home before you know it, right? Well... not quite.

4Tokyo Motor Show: Touch me, I'm PUYO!

Click the image above for more live and press shots of the Honda PUYO.

1First video of the Honda Puyo, Toyota Rin concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

The 10 minute video below the fold is the first we have found to include the Honda Puyo and Toyota Rin concepts. The video, apparently from a Japanese news program, starts out with demos of I-Real, the chair concept car, which we have already shown you in several videos. Then it's the cars that want you to relax, Toyota's Rin and the conerless Honda Puyo. I also think I see the Hi-CT in the background. The video ends with several of the other concept cars by Nissan, videos of which we also alrea

14Tokyo 2007 Preview: Honda PUYO Concept wants you to touch it

click above image for more pics of the Honda PUYO Concept

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