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honda goldwing

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    Confirmed: Honda recalling over 125,000 Goldwing motorcycles

    Honda and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have issued a recall for certain Goldwing motorcycles. Some bikes manufactured between 2001 and 2010 may have been built with a secondary master cylinder that could cause the rear brake to drag. We probably don't need to tell you that ...

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    Report: Report: Honda working on hybrid Goldwing?

    It looks as if Honda may be toying with the notion of bringing hybrid technology to the motorcycle world. According to Motorbiker, the Japanese manufacturer filed a patent for a hybrid bike complete with a detailed drawing of the machine. The interesting part is that the line sketch fits pretty ...

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    The Retriever lets you tow 5,000 pounds... with a Honda Goldwing

    The Retriever – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We don't know why you'd want to haul a car with a Honda Goldwing, but a Swedish company called Coming Through hasn't constrained themselves to our tiny imaginations. That's why they've created The Retriever, a stowable towing unit you ...

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    Video: Dragging a knee on a Honda... Gold Wing?

    Dragging a knee on a Honda Gold Wing – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    It's not at all uncommon to see Honda two-wheelers at a local track day event. After all, the Japanese company is the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles, and its VFR, CB and CBR line of sport ...

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    Goodbye, Gold Wing: Honda officially ends U.S. motorcycle production

    2010 Honda Gold Wing - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We knew the day would come when the final Gold Wing motorcycle would be built in America after Honda announced last year that it would eventually close its motorcycle plant in Marysville, Ohio. Apparently, that time is now, as Honda ...

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    VIDEO: Honda Gold Wing airbag in action

    Normally, we don't keep up on the world of motorcycles. Some of us realize that when you hop on your crotch rocket you instantly become 32-times more likely to be killed then the guy next to you surrounded in metal, plastic and glass. So until they develop a system that detects that we've left ...


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