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honda factory performance

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    Official: Honda Factory Performance pack now available for Accord V6 Coupe

    When the Honda Factory Performance package debuted for the 2013 Honda Accord at SEMA last year, we were told it would come as optional fitment for both the four-cylinder and V6 Accords. Now that Honda has put it on sale, however, it's only for the V6, at least for now. The upgraded coupe will be ...

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    SEMA: 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe HFP tunes in with limited edition kit

    Few model lines have had as big an impact on the import tuner scene as the Honda Civic. The letters "S" and "i" have come to embody what the model's sporting potential, and with the revamped 2012 model already at dealers, Honda has brought a specially equipped Civic Si Coupe to SEMA fitted with ...

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    SEMA Preview: Honda debuting two tuned Accord Coupes

    Click image to enlargeWe're starting to get that overwound spring feeling in the pits of our stomachs as SEMA is roaring down upon us. Next week, the ginormous event for tuners and aftermarket manufacturers gets underway in Las Vegas, and Honda will be there with two Accord Coupes they spiced up ...


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