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honda ev

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    Report: Honda begins Micro Commuter testing

    Autocar is reporting that Honda is about to start testing prototypes of its Micro Commuter, a petite EV that'll do adorable battle with the Renault Twizy if it reaches production. Honda first showed the Micro Commuter, a so called super-urban vehicle, in November. Like the Renault, it features a ...

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    Honda releases more details on Fit electric concept

    Japanese automaker Honda may not have stolen the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, but Honda did use the stage to present some of its greener prototypes, most notably, its EV Concept. Still without a proper name, the Honda EV Concept is designed to meet the daily driving needs of the average commuter ...

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    Honda announces plans to sell plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle by 2012

    At a news conference yesterday in Japan, Honda chief executive officer Takanobu Ito outlined the company's future plans to roll out advanced technology vehicles. Among the highlights: Ito revealed Honda will introduce both a mid-size plug-in hybrid and an electric commuter vehicle in the U.S. and ...

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    Honda R&D President says automaker "lacks confidence" in viability of EVs

    Honda EV-N Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Carlos Ghosn and Nissan may be plowing head first into the EV world, but Honda isn't so certain buyers are going to be willing to accept the range and charging woes that go along with driving an all-electric car. Tomohiko Kawanabe, ...

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    Honda unveils EV-neo, promises Japanese sales in 2010

    Honda EV-neo electric scooter – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Honda has announced plans to introduce its first electric scooter in its home market of Japan before the end of the year. The opening salvo in the round of electrified two wheelers will be a production version of the ...

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    Tokyo 2009: Honda EV-N concept combines future drive with retro style

    Honda EV-N concept - click above for high-res image gallery
    Honda's new CEO Takanobu Ito started off his tenure at the head of the company today by unveiling a new plug-in battery electric concept. The EV-N showcar hides its futuristic electron pumping powertrain in a decidedly retro bodystyle ...

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    REPORT: Honda warming up to idea of electric vehicles

    2010 Honda Insight EX – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With offerings like the FCX Clarity and the Insight, it's been clear what technologies Honda favors for environmentally-friendly transportation. But a change in strategy conceded by CEO Takanobu Ito could see Honda focusing more ...

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    REPORT: Honda to show EV prototype in Tokyo, production in 2015

    Honda has repeatedly told the world it doesn't see battery electric vehicles as being viable anytime soon. Instead, the company has planned to retain its focus on hydrogen fuel cells. However, the realities of hydrogen distribution (or lack thereof), may be pushing Honda to do something it ...


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