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honda cr-z mugen rr concept

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    Report: Honda CR-Z Mugen RR production hopes dashed

    If it's too early to start drinking, crack open a cold one anyway. You're gonna need a beer to cry into. Top Gear reports that Honda has no plans to produce the CR-Z Mugen RR Hybrid Concept. Zero. None. While we saw this coming a mile off, some deeply-oppressed optimistic shard of our psyche ...

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    Official: Mugen shows Honda CR-Z RR Concept at Goodwood

    Mugen is not a name that one would be shocked to hear announced over the Goodwood Festival of Speed PA system. The Honda CR-Z, however, is a car that festival goers would be surprised to see idling ahead of its run up the hill. Upon closer inspection, though, you would see a bunch of aero bits, ...


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