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16Honda CB350 and cafe racer culture explored by Electric Federal

The latest video from Electric Federal covers one of our favorite aspects of motorcycle culture - café racers. In an interview with Adam "Gasser" Gaspic, the owner of Gasser Customs, EF takes a look at the culture and one of Gasser's latest offerings, a hopped-up Honda CB350, called the Silver Bullet.

32Building the bikes of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [w/video]

We're inching closer to the December 21 release date of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Based on Stieg Larsson's global best-seller, the film looks to be just the kind of gritty perfection you'll need to wash the holiday cheer from your mouth. Bike Exif recently chatted with Justin Kell of Glory Motor Works in Los Angeles, the shop responsible for crafting Lisbeth Salander's bikes used in the film. While the studio wanted the anti-heroine to have a modern motorcycle, Kell pushed to give the cha

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