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homemade car

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    Video: Amazing dwarf car documentary teased

    It's hard to tell without another car for reference, but in the image above, 72-year-old Ernie Adams is driving a very small car. Actually, the technical name is a "dwarf car," a road-legal nearly-perfect replica of a full-sized car, and Adams built it from scratch. He's been building dwarf cars ...

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    Video: Twin small-block V8 Priapism is enviable hedonism

    Yannick Sire Priapism – Click above to watch the video
    Yannick Sire got his start building muscle cars for the racetrack back before the pro touring craze really got under way. In his younger days, he cut his teeth on the L.A. car scene in a heavily modified 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle while ...

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    The Uragano handbuilt Italian supercar

    Click above for gallery of the Uragano handbuilt supercarWho doesn't dream of building his or her own supercar? It took four years for him to do it, but Filandri Moreno from Italy has inspirational neighbors such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani. Moreno possibly thought of famed supercar ...


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