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    eBay Find of the Day: Brass Era American LaFrance firetruck speedster is a prehistoric Blastolene

    American LaFrance firetruck speedster - click above for high-res gallery
    One of our favorite cars from 2009 is the Blastolene Peterbilt hot rod. You know the one with two (count 'em, two) superchargers bolted to its Detroit Diesel V12. Hubba hubba,. And if we had access to a time machine, our ...

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    MAKE reader builds Ariel Atom replica out of spare parts

    Click above for more shots of this home-built Ariel Atom replica
    We can think of few better ways to spend our evenings than bending, welding and beating metal into submission to produce our own car and it seems that we are not alone. MAKE reader, Utah resident and Flickr user proximacentuari took ...

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    The Uragano handbuilt Italian supercar

    Click above for gallery of the Uragano handbuilt supercarWho doesn't dream of building his or her own supercar? It took four years for him to do it, but Filandri Moreno from Italy has inspirational neighbors such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani. Moreno possibly thought of famed supercar ...

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    Ah, steering's overrated anyway...

    var digg_url = ''; If we had this puppy, we'd make a CD that was an endless loop of monster truck rally radio commercials. What better soundtrack to blare out the window of this bitchin', rust-enhanced Dodge Ramcharger sporting 52" ...


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