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holger harter

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    Officially Official: Porsche CEO and CFO quit, leave the building

    It was really just 35 words that announced the ends of two careers at Porsche: "In the last weeks Wiedeking and Härter have come to the conclusion, that the further strategic development of Porsche SE and Porsche AG is better off, if they are not on board as acting persons." And so, effective ...

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    VW won't get a seat on Porsche's board

    There's no record of VW actually asking for one, but in case they wanted a seat on Porsche's management board, Porsche has said, "Uh, nein." That's the word from Porsche Automobil CFO Holger Härter, who forms half of the management board. The other half is Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking. Nor ...


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