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32Mazda reports strong Skyactiv sales, plans to boost output 25%

Mazda is set to expand production of its Skyactiv engines after critical and commercial acclaim for the fuel-sipping powerplants. The Japanese manufacturer has a number of plans in the works to bump up production, with the first being a 25-percent increase in output from its Hiroshima, Japan engine facility.

15Mazda's awesome Hiroshima museum now navigable by Google Maps

Visiting an auto museum is one of the best ways we know to connect with car culture and to commune with the past and bone up on one's knowledge. Most of us have a decent museum within a few hours drive of where we live, but that doesn't mean it's easy to see the world's great collections – factors like cost, time and mobility can get in the way. Videos are great, but they don't allow us to browse at our own pace or choose what we'd like to focus on. The folks behind Google Maps have a solu

5Mazda Museum goes online

One of the best scenes from the cheesy comedy My Blue Heaven is when Steve Martin's character is trying to talk up his FBI handler to his family. After extolling his accomplishments in Italian, his sister looks at Rick Moranis and says, "I thought Wankel invented the rotary engine?" Rotorheads everywhere chuckled knowingly. Of course Agent Coopersmith didn't invent it. Regardless of who did, the company best known for running with it is Mazda.

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