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    Report: stages global shootout with new Ranger, Colorado, Hilux and Amarok
    1346340480 has turned to its friends in Australia for a look at a few of the most popular midsize pickups found Down Under. The result is the Global Pickup Shootout that pits the reigning-champion Toyota Hilux against the Holden Colorado, Volkswagen Amarok and the Ford Ranger. Each truck ...

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    Official: Toyota conquers Antarctic in jet-fueled Hilux pickups

    Toyota has just wrapped up another impressive Antarctic expedition, this time traversing over 43,500 miles in the span of four months. In the process, the company says it snagged a new world record with three specially-prepared Hilux pickup trucks with each covering 5,903 miles of the frozen ...

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    Toyota UK says Top Gear boys to go on another Hilux adventure [w/video]

    The Toyota Hilux can attribute a fair portion of the its celebrity to the Top Gear crew's exuberant doting. After attempting to destroy the truck via a smattering of inhumane methods, traversing the frozen wastes of Antarctica the Arctic and braving the fires of Icelandic volcanoes, the show has ...

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    Icelandic off-road company sets record South Pole crossing

    Guinness recognized a new world record for the fastest overland journey to the South Pole this week. The expedition occurred in December 2010, when two modified Toyota Hilux trucks travelled 1,434 miles across the Antarctic High Plateau in 108 hours. That the average speed for the trip was ...

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    Video: 2012 Toyota Hilux proves it's as tough and unbreakable as ever

    Top Gear showed us just how sturdy the Toyota Hilux pickup truck can be. The plucky Brit trio put one poor truck through a series of increasingly harder challenges until they finally strapped it to the roof of a building destined to be demolished. After pulling it off the pile of rubble that used ...

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    Redesigned Avensis heads Toyota lineup in Frankfurt

    Toyota is headed to the Frankfurt Motor Show next week with a stack of new and revised models, and chief among them is the company's next-generation Avensis. Built in the UK, the vehicle will feature a new front fascia that falls more in line with the rest of the Toyota clan. Likewise, the ...

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    Official: Toyota Hilux pickup gets fresh skin, more power for 2012

    When we think of Toyota icons, we tend to think of vehicles like the Prius, Land Cruiser, or perhaps the Corolla, the world's best-selling nameplate. But entire towns have been built and many wars have been fought on the back of Toyota's Hilux pickup. Celebrated the world over for its legendary ...

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    Toyota sends four Hilux pickups across Antarctica à la Top Gear

    Toyota Hilux goes to Antartica – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Thanks in part to the work of the crew at Top Gear, the Toyota Hilux pickup has garnered a reputation for being all but unstoppable. Whether it's being left to suffer at the hands of a rising tide, plummeting from the ...

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    Newsweek investigates why rebel groups always seem to be driving Toyota pickups

    It turns out that the Toyota Hilux isn't just a favorite with fans of Top Gear. According to Newsweek, the unbeatable little pickup from Japan is also a vital cog in various insurgent war machines around the globe. With its combination of reliability, affordability, ubiquity and capability, the ...

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    Toyota Australia to unveil TRD HiLux in Brisbane

    Click image for a gallery of the TRD HiLuxLast year in Melbourne, Toyota showed off a TRD Hilux concept truck. At the time, we commented that the supercharged show truck looked pretty production ready, and thet Aussies would likely see the "concept" part of the name dropped in the future. Well, the ...

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    1980s decals are back! Toyota to release F1-inspired Hilux pickup

    Back in March we told you about a supercharged TRD HiLux pickup designed for the Australian market, and now the guys and gals from Aichi Japan are unveiling an F1-inspired variant of its world pickup at the CV show in the UK. Powered by a 3.0L diesel engine, grunt will be bumped to 200ps (197 hp), ...

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    Melbourne: Toyota shows off TRD versions of Aurion sedan and HiLux pickup

    Click image for TRD Aurion gallery. TRD HiLux gallery below.TRD didn't just show off its new Corolla-based rally car at the Melbourne Motor Show. The Aussie wing of Toyota's factory motorsports arm also pulled the sheets off a new production car, the TRD Aurion, and a near-production-looking ...


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