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    Report: Solar Roadways raises $1M for solar-panel covered roads [w/video]

    UPDATE: the campaign has been extended to June 20. See the press release below. The concept of using roads as solar cells seems like a great idea until you start considering all of the damage that streets regularly have to handle. From freezing water to overloaded vehicles, the nation's highways ...

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    Video: Drifters shut down California highway while doing donuts

    As champions of both rear-wheel drive and the hand brake, we completely understand the compulsion to get sideways on occasion. Hell, there was a time when no vacant parking lot was safe from our hellion ways – but there's a difference between harming nothing but your own rear tires and ...

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    Report: KKK moves to adopt Georgia highway, controversy ensues

    Our constitutional rights are often a double-edged sword. While we're happy to live under the protection of a government that encourages our rights to assemble and free speech, it can be somewhat more difficult to accept groups who hold starkly different views from our own. Legislators in Georgia ...

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    Report: States asking Congress for the right to add toll roads to close budget gaps

    Governments need to pay for things, and when traditional sources of revenue decline, other sources are found. To deal with the urgent needs of the highway infrastructure system and, if possible, add capacity, states need a lot more money than they currently have. Unable to get more from Congress, ...

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    Report: U.S. traffic deaths fall to lowest level in 62 years

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 32,310 people died last year in traffic accidents, the lowest number since 1949. NHTSA obtained that number though a statistical projection, which shows that traffic fatalities dropped 1.7 percent compared to 2010 numbers. The ...

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    Video: Leaky tanker covers PA turnpike in 40 miles of sticky black goo

    Drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike were met with a sticky surprise Tuesday night after a tanker trunk with a leaky valve spilled between 4,000 and 5,000 gallons of a tar-like goo all over the highway. The spill, initially characterized as tar, was later revealed to be a driveway sealant. Some ...

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    Report: 127-car pileup in Abu Dhabi kills one, injures 61

    An enormous pileup on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway left one man dead and 61 people injured early Saturday morning. According to police and witnesses, the pileup happened around 8am between Sahama and Ghantoot and was caused by a combination of speeding and heavy fog. Police were reportedly on the ...

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    STUDY: Majority of highway fatalities caused by deficient road conditions

    What would you think to be the leading contributor to fatalities in car crashes here in the States? Failure to use seat belts? Speeding? Drunk driving? Think again. According to a new study commissioned by Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE), the leading cause of highway fatalities ...

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    Ohio Turnpike begins accepting credit & debit cards at toll booths

    Cruising the Ohio Turnpike is about to get a whole lot easier. Anyone who's ever traveled the highway is probably plenty familiar with the annoyance of having to scrounge for change and small bills to pay at each toll booth. But after holding out for years, the Ohio Turnpike Commission is taking a ...

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    The Onion reports DOT creating new lane for reckless drivers

    A new report from The Onion details a new Department Of Transportation initiative to give reckless drivers their own space on highways, thus freeing them from the drudgery of actually driving. The new lanes will be of a special bowl design to keep cars on the right track while obviating the need ...

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    Forbes pairs the world's best roads to the world's best rides

    Forbes and a few special guests play matchmaker, putting some magnificent stretches of blacktop together with some magnificent wheels. California is, of course, well represented among the entrants -- Danica Patrick likes Highway 1 around Monterey in a Bentley GTC, and Bob Bondurant likes ...

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    The streets ran red near Lowell, Mass.

    Whoa, they built a highway through a cranberry bog? Uh, no. Lowell Massachusetts is in the north central part of the state, miles removed from the bogs of the Cape. The orange hue that coated route 495's northbound lane did make for a colorful nighttime drive, however messy it ended up being. A ...

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    Reclaim the bathroom with Highway Tiles

    Just in time for those Spring remodeling projects, American artist Jim Termeer has a beautiful set of ceramic tiles featuring some of the most complex and graceful curves ever engineered by the world's Departments of Transportation. They are black on white depictions of the busiest freeway ...

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    Traffic sim: Recreate your morning commute on a PC

    Here's something we wish every highway planner was required to use any time they had a bright idea (like those darned roundabouts they're so fond of calling "rotarys" here in Massachusetts!). This neat little Java-powered (much like us AutoBloggers!) website allows you to adjust and model traffic ...

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    VIDEO: Lamborghini Gallardo on patrol

    We previously brought you the skinny on the Italian police's Gallardo supercar, presented to the state officials by Lamborghini to celebrate the department's 152nd anniversary, providing them with a high-speed vehicle for law enforcement and emergency duties. But like the London police ...

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    California sweeps 'worst roads' list

    The argument for SUVs may be a little stronger in California after a report released by TRIP, a national transportation research group, shows that five cities in the Golden state rank among the top ten urban areas with the roughest roads. The Cali towns with the roughest rides include San Jose, Los ...

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    Cars are an unnecessary evil

    At a recent gathering at the United Nations World Urban Forum, representatives cheered to one single theme: The automobile has put us (humanity) on the road to destruction.The most ardent enemy of the automobile was Enrique Penalosa (pictured). He espoused the idea that streets be 'returned' to the ...

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    VW chair rails against German roads

    Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder, Volkswagen’s Chairman of the Board, has gone on record criticizing the current state of German roads and is urging the country’s gov’t for swift action. According to a recent study, the country’s road conditions and lack of capacity are approaching ...


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