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highland park

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    Followup: Cameron's house from Ferris Bueller finally sells for $1M

    We don't typically report on real estate here at Autoblog, but what we have here is no ordinary building or plot of land. This Chicago-area house was immortalized in the 1986 classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off as the childhood home of Cameron Frye, Bueller's best friend, but more importantly, as ...

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    Early Ford Model T factory may become a museum but needs your help

    The Ford Model T was a game-changer, allowing middle-class America to finally afford a horseless carriage. As the public began taking to the roads in greater numbers, our nation began its transformation into a modern motoring society. The Model T was first produced in 1908 and enjoyed a ...

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    Another expensive mess for Ford: Cleaning up its Twin Cities site

    Ford's recent Q2 good news shows that it's making progress in cleaning up its own messes. Still, there are plenty of messes that need to be addressed -- a literal one being the land under its Twin Cities production plant in Highland Park, Minnesota. The factory, in use since 1925, will be closed ...

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    Could Ford plant closing in Twin Cities strike Olympic gold for Minnesota?

    If Ford decides to broom the company's Highland Park complex in 2008 as rumored, the Twin Cities want to be ready. Instead of Blue Ovals, local officials are thinking Olympic rings. The truck plant is being floated as being one of the potential locations that might help entice Minnesotans make ...


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