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high mileage

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    Report: How high-efficiency trims can actually reduce your car's resale value

    Factory fuel economy packages, the special trims or option groups bundled with efficiency improving items such as low-rolling-resistance tires, aerodynamic tweaks and electric power steering, cost the consumer a few hundred dollars (or more) at the time of purchase but don't seem to add any ...

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    Texans turning on trucks

    Check out this stat: one in every seven sales of the Ford F-150 goes to a Texan. According to this article from Bloomberg, which combines some good statistical research with anecdotal evidence culled from dealers in the trenches, that trend is beginning to change. With $3/gallon gas seemingly here ...

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    200,000 miles. That's all?

    While checking out the Carfaire, I spotted a 1967 Mustang available for sale and, out of curiosity (since I’m younger than the vehicle) looked over its mileage. I nearly fell over when I saw 900,000 miles written on its description. That must be a misprint, I thought. But this article in the ...


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