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high gas prices

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    Report: Why gas stations in NJ, PA are selling $8/gallon gas in protest

    Over 50 gas stations across New Jersey and Pennsylvania have raised the price of their fuel to more than eight dollars a gallon. They are all Lukoil stations, and their owners have raised prices in protest of practices by Lukoil North America that they say leave individual gas station owners at a ...

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    Get ready: Gas prices expected to jump 20 cents

    With oil prices running amok of late, you kind of had to know this was coming. The US Energy Information Administration reports that consumers should prepare to see prices at the pump increase by another 20 cents or so in the coming weeks. Thanksgiving travelers should expect feel the pain ...

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    Scooter sales hit the fast lane

    Scooters have shot up in popularity alongside motorcycle sales as gas prices continue to hover around $3 a gallon. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, sales went from 12,000 in 1997 to 113,000 in 2005 as people discovered the scooter's fuel-sipping100  mpg and its ability to zip ...


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