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    Hertz So Good: Lotus Elise SC joins Italian rent-a-car fleet

    Lotus Elise SC fleet at Hertz Italiana – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ever fantasize about driving an exotic sportscar around Italy? Well who hasn't. And there are plenty of companies on the peninsula that'll be glad to help you out. Count among them now car rental giant Hertz. But ...

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    REPORT: Prepare to shell out a lot more for your next rental car

    Hertz Fun Collection Chevrolet Corvette ZHZ - click above to enlarge
    The economy is in one of the deepest recessions in decades, and one pleasant side-effect of fiscal woes is that many companies are offering huge discounts to get you off the consumer sidelines. One industry that hasn't gone that ...

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    Hertz so bad: Car rental agency to shed 4000 jobs

    Over the years, when automakers had trouble selling enough vehicles to keep assembly lines cranking, they sold the leftovers to rental car companies. Unfortunately, when the world is embroiled in a nasty economic recession, people don't travel. And when nobody's traveling, the rental car industry ...

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    Rental fleet sales down last year, 2009 will be worse

    Last summer, it was the Detroit Three that were restraining themselves from dumping cars into the gaping maw of fleet sales just to boost the bottom line. Turns out they had some help with that discipline: Due to last year's events, rental car fleets shrunk by 400,000 units from 2007 to 2008. As we ...

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    VIDEO: Garage 419 pits GT-R against rented Hertz Corvette... with nitrous

    Click the image above to view the gassed 'Vette take on the Nissan GT-R after the jump
    The Garage 419 team is anything but conventional, so when they say they're going to race a Nissan GT-R against a $500 competitor, you know it's going to be entertaining. Host Matt Farah had the easy task of ...

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    Hertz dubs its Zipcar competitor Connect

    It looks like Hertz has finally heard of Zipcar. The popular car rental agency has just launched a new service called Connect, and it's a lot like the service offered by eight-year-old Zipcar. Connect customers will pay an annual fee that allows them to rent vehicles by the hour -- an arrangement ...

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    Hertz to auction 25 Shelby Mustang GT-H Convertibles

    Click above to enlargeAre they really "one-of-a-kind," as stated by Kruse on its official auction page, if there are 25 of them going up for auction on the same day? That's not to say getting one of the 500 Hertz Shelby Mustang GT-H Convertibles (sheesh, that's a mouthful!) that were built in 2007 ...

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    Hertz adding Corvette ZHZ to Fun Collection

    click above to enlarge
    Whenever we rent a car from Hertz, we always peruse the Fun Collection then settle on a cheap economy car that won't break the bank. Today Hertz announced that it's adding a new model to the Fun Collection that may change our renting habits this summer. Just like it did with ...

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    Mexican Hertz charges $500 for flat tire

    Imagine you're on vacation. You rent a car for your month-long stay in Mexico. You feel pretty comfortable passing on the optional insurance and go along on your merry way. All goes well until one stormy evening. Somewhere in the night you have a blowout. You phone it in and the people at Hertz ...

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    The ultimate Taurus rental... just in case

    click above image to view a high-res versionWhile the debate rages on around whether or not returning the Taurus name to Ford's lineup will do anything to help improve sales of this large sedan, we've had our fun imagining what different versions Ford could produce. First there was the Taurus ...

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    eBay find of the day: '06 Shelby GT-H owned by Hertz exec

    You know the slogan and the TV commercials: "you can get 'it' on eBay." Well, damned if it isn't true, because a Newark, NJ car dealer has an '06 Shelby GT-H with just 4,000-odd miles on it listed at the online auction house. According to the item description, the car (VIN 1ZVFT82H365226495 / CSM ...

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    Reserve & Conserve? Hertz Green Collection now available, but what's the fuss?

    I have to admit that I stole "Reserve & Conserve" from Hertz itself, as that was the subject line in a targeted email I received pushing the company's new "Green Collection." Before I clicked through to the site, I expected to see a lineup consisting of vehicles like the Escape/Mariner Hybrid ...

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    An American in Paris disses the Euro Focus

    We spend so much time on this blog bemoaning the fact that Ford has yet to offer to the "Euro" Focus in the United States. So much time, in fact, that we fear the concept of a C1-based Focus on U.S. soil has been placed on a pedestal and is widely considered to be the smartest move Ford has never ...

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    Retail version of Shelby GT-H approved!

    Automotive News has revealed that the third Shelby Mustang in Ford's pony car corral will be a retail version of the Hertz Shelby GT-H rent-a-racer called the Shelby GT. The car will be a 2007 model and production will be at least a few thousand. No word if the Shelby GT will differ from the rental ...

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    PSA: Top 10 rental car secrets

    The folks over at have compiled a common-sense list of the "Top 10 Things Your Retntal Company Won't Tell You."  In point of fact, we'd reckon that most of the pointers are forehead-smackingly obvious, but that doesn't mean that it isn't worth a quick refresher, or a good ...

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    Shelby GT-H production begins in Las Vegas

    The dice have been cast on the Shelby GT-H in Las Vegas where production of the limited edition Mustang has just begun at Shelby’s facility in the city of sin. The resurrected “Rent-A-Racer” will populate the planet to the tune of 500 copies that will be made available to rent ...

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    New York Auto Show: 2007 Shelby Hertz GT350H intro and high-res shots

    Click for gallery of 14 high-res images from the show floor The Autoblog crew was on hand to witness the introduction of the 2007 Shelby Hertz GT350H "Rent-a-Racer", and Carroll Shelby himself climbed out of the 'stang to talk about his latest creation. Prior to the car's debut on stage, a quick ...

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    New York Auto Show: old-school Shelby Hertz high-res shots and some history

    To compliment the roll-out of the 2007 Shelby Hertz GT350H, Ford also drove out the original Rent-a-Racer - a '66 Shelby GT350H. Somehow, the driver resisted the urge to rap the throttle and fill the Javits Center with the roar of a glass-packed small-block Ford. We would have not exhibited the ...

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    New York Auto Show: So cool it Hertz - Mustang GT350H

    In the wee hours of Wednesday morning Ford quietly released these official pics of the Mustang GT350H (a.k.a. Rent-A-Racer). Some of the shots were taken on location at a Hertz rental car outlet, which pays homage to the good ol’ days when you could plunk down some cash and have your way with ...

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    Ford heralds return of Rent-A-Racer Mustang in New York

    Insiders at Ford have leaked to Inside Line that the Blue Oval’s big announcement in New York next month will be the return of the Shelby Hertz GT350H, a higher performance version of the Mustang GT that will be available for rent through select Hertz dealers around the country. Ford first ...


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