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helmet laws

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    Report: Michigan study says motorcycle injuries worsen with weaker helmet laws

    Not surprised? Neither are we. According to The Detroit News, an insurance industry study found that the average medical claim resulting from a motorcycle crash rose by more than one-fifth in Michigan last year, following the state's decision to no longer require most riders to wear helmets. For ...

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    Video: Motorcylist dies of head trauma while protesting state helmet laws

    A motorcyclist in New York passed away while participating in a ride to protest the state's helmet laws this past weekend. Philip Contos, a 55-year-old Harley-Davidson rider, was participating in an American Bikers Aimed for Education (ABATE) ride with over 500 other bikers. According to ...

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    First drop in motorcycle related deaths in a decade, are we really any safer?

    In a preliminary report, the Governors Highway Safety Association recently indicated a 10% drop in motorcycle related fatalities around the U.S. in 2009. This decline marks the first such improvement in over a decade as deaths have been on the rise consistently from 1997 onward. Are we really ...

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    Nigerians motorcyclists using pumpkins to dodge new helmet law

    Helmet laws are always controversial, no matter where they are being enacted. In Nigeria, though, the recently-instituted rule that all motorcycle riders and passengers must be wearing helmets has caused an unusual, um... solution, in the form of calabashes, or dried pumpkin shells, worn on the ...


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