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hello kitty

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    Official: Say Hello to the Kitty edition Mitsubishi Mirage

    Japan is the country that gave us the GT-R, the LFA and the STI. But it's also the home of Hello Kitty. We try our best to ignore the commonality, but now Mitsubishi is putting it right in our faces with the new Hello Kitty edition Mirage. Decked out in pink, the special Mirage arrives on the ...

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    Hello Kitty wraps available for the Smart ForTwo

    The Smart ForTwo gets its Hello Kitty on – Click above to enlarge
    The Smart ForTwo and Hello Kitty... who thought it would've taken this long for those two to get together? Someone's prayers have been answered with this, the two-seater wrapped in a vinyl flag of Sanrio's 35-year-old Kitty ...

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    Hello Kitty rims reserved for special circle of Hell

    var digg_url = ''; We imagine that axe murderers and other unsavory types have a special circle of Hell waiting for them when their tickets ultimately get punched. In all likelihood, these are dark and miserable ...

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    Hello Kitty iPod car charger plays tunes, loves you

    As Autoblog's unofficial chronicler of all things Hello Kitty in the automotive sector (interesting where life can take you, isn't it?), it is with some degree of pleasure and a small bit of horror that I present to you the Hello Kitty iPod car charger. Via our Weblogs, Inc. cousins over at TUAW, ...

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    Insert caption here: Hello Kitty's muff...ler

    Here's a caption challenge for you... Evidently, some fool in Japan is so excited about Hello Kitty that s/he (?) fabricated an exhaust pipe after the fair cat. And we thought excessive tin foil spoilers and shoddily-done window tint was bad. Here's my caption: "Sometimes girls embarrass me. ...

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    Mitsubishi i Hello Kitty edition "in the metal"

    Never mind the Mitsu-provided renderings we brought you earlier this month. Japan's Carview has been to the Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district, where the one-of-a-kind Mitsubishi i "Princess Kitty" special edition is on display.True to the renderings, the Princess Kitty is a ...


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