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heather peters

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    Opinion: The case of Heather Peters and the Honda Civic Hybrid sets an alarming trend

    What are you going to do, sue? Good luck. This week's Superior Court verdict suggests there's little to no recourse for consumers. As Autoblog readers likely have already learned, a Superior Court judge in California has tossed out a judgment issued by a small claims court earlier this ...

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    Report: Honda wins appeal in Civic Hybrid fuel mileage case

    A judge has reversed a lower court ruling against Honda over the automaker's fuel economy claims. Heather Peters successfully sued Honda in small-claims court in February, claiming her 2006 Civic Hybrid didn't return the advertised 50 miles per gallon Environmental Protection Agency rating. ...

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    Report: Honda headed back to court over Civic Hybrid fuel economy

    Heather Peters beat Honda. A small claims court in California awarded Ms. Peters $9,867 because it agreed that her Honda Civic Hybrid failed to deliver the 50 mpg EPA rating Honda claimed it would. According to The Detroit News, Honda is appealing the decision, especially after the success of ...

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    Report: Honda Civic Hybrid small claims lawsuit winner trying to stop class-action suit *UPDATE

    Heather Peters really, really doesn't want anyone to settle with Honda. Peters is the woman who went her own way earlier this year, suing Honda in small claims court in Torrance, CA instead of joining a class-action lawsuit against the automaker over allegations that the company promoted ...

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    Followup: Key deadline arrives Saturday in Honda Civic Hybrid lawsuit

    A California woman beat Honda in small-claims court last week, receiving nearly $10,000 in damages after getting lower-than-advertised fuel economy in her Civic Hybrid. Early next week, we may have a better idea of how many people intend to follow her lead. A key deadline arrives Saturday ...

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    Report: California woman wins Civic Hybrid lawsuit against Honda

    Heather Peters sued Honda in small-claims court in Torrance, California over the gas mileage she was getting in her Honda Civic Hybrid, which was around 20 miles per gallon less than Honda had advertised. After two days of testimony, Commissioner Doug Carnahan sent his 26-page decision to both ...

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    Report: As Civic Hybrid mileage lawsuit continues, Honda shows up

    Heather Peters is suing Honda in small-claims court in Torrance, California over the lackluster fuel economy she's gotten out of her 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. It isn't really a new lawsuit, it's one that sprung from Peters not signing onto the settlement of an earlier class-action lawsuit brought ...


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