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    Honda touts heat-harnessing hybrid technology

    Hybrid vehicles have always offered more benefits to the zip-around-town Domino's pizza delivery boy than the long-distance highway commuter. In fact, without regernative braking at work, a hybrid vehicle at highway speeds exhibits very few efficiency advantages over a frugal MINI ...

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    Mr. Toad goes down in flames... a reminder to check tire pressure?

    The feds are so intent on having you check your tire pressure that they're willing to sacrifice toads in the process. Well, not really, but the new NHTSA ad campaign takes a strange tack to inform consumers that summer weather is Hell on tires.The PSA, posted after the jump, portrays a number of ...

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    Remote start, kiss my gas - a better way to warm up

    Here in the Autoblog New England office, we've been experiencing a spell of weather where temps fail to break the 30's. It's not the most extreme in the country, but it's darn cold. The low temps are driving many folks to commit ritual torture to their cars. Being the comfort seekers we are, most ...


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