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    NYT: U.S. reportedly preparing Chrysler for bankruptcy... as early as next week

    According to a story from The New York Times, the Treasury Department and Chrysler are readying Chapter 11 bankruptcy documents for filing as early as next week.The report goes on to say that the filing carries with it an "agreement in principle" with the United Auto Workers that would protect ...

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    Ford's new deal with UAW gets wages down to $55/hour

    Two years ago when Ford was negotiating a new contract with the UAW, the automaker was paying its union workers the oft-bandied amount of $70 per hour. That amount wasn't the actual hourly wage of each employee, though, but rather the employee's hourly wage plus the cost of contributions to current ...

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    Ford, UAW reach tentative retiree health care trust fund deal

    Ford Motor Company says it has reached a tentative deal with the UAW regarding modifications to the Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association (VEGA) pact, the union's retiree health care trust. While specifics are not yet being divulged, the Blue Oval says that it has agreed to make up to half ...

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    Signing bonuses may get GM and UAW over hump

    Although labor talks between GM and the UAW have been going on since the union's contract expired last Friday at 11:59 PM EST, we've been following the late-night negotiations from afar, waiting for something that amounted to more than the mainstream media's perpetually boring status updates. That ...

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    Place your bids: Chrysler's worth explained... briefly

    Can this be the buy of the century? As the rumors of Chrysler's sale increase analysts are starting to talk about just how much it might cost a prospective bidder to secure the rights from Daimler. The numbers they are throwing around seem amazingly cheap. Some are going so far as to say that DCX ...

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    UAW blinks first: Reconsidering health concessions for Chrysler

    Chrysler no doubt felt a little burned by the United Auto Workers Union after being told it would receive no concessions for health care like the ones offered to both General Motors and Ford. At the time, the UAW cited the Chrysler Group's better financial health as the reason for the snubbing, but ...

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    Guess who's coming to Washington? White House to meet with the Big Two Point Five

    In the never-ending saga between the Bush administration and Detroit's automakers, a tentative date has finally been set for a meeting.During a radio interview, President Bush's political advisor Karl Rove confirmed that a discussion between GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler would take place in ...

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    UAW denies health care talks with Chrysler

    The UAW on Wednesday jumped on rumors that it had reopened talks with Chrysler. According to a piece in The Detroit News, UAW spokesman Roger Kerson said there was no meeting over one of the biggest sticking points, health care, as was rumored elsewhere. Although the UAW has reached health care ...

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    Explaining the burden of "legacy costs"

    With all the discussion about the domestic automakers' future lately, a few of our readers have left comments requesting some additional background on the situation; primarily, the history of the oft-touted "legacy costs" and how they affect the Big 3's survival. The legacy costs have their roots ...

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    Chrysler gets no sympathy from UAW on health care costs

    UAW President Ron Gettelfinger is apparently done being pushed around by the domestic auto industry. Despite having given landmark cost-saving concessions on health care to both General Motors and Ford, Gettelfinger indicated to Reuters the same offer would not be extended to The Chrysler Group. ...

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    Ford, GM, Chrysler drop ineligible workers from healthcare roster

    The Big 3 have been trying to shave their health care costs by cutting eligibility and the percentage of benefits for both retirees and current employees, but as it turns out, the three companies have found tens of thousands of people still receiving benefits despite their ineligibility. As a ...

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    The political winds may be shifting in Detroit

    The political alliances in the Motor City have historically been rather black-and-white, with the UAW lining up alongside Democrats and management favoring the Republicans. Yes, one can find exception to these stereotypes, but the above comes as close as one can to describing 40-some years of ...

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    Big Three executives meet with Washington lawmakers

    The much ballyhooed meeting between domestic auto industry leaders and U.S. lawmakers came and went today, with the net-net being that the Capitol gang has pledged to work with the manufacturers 'as partners.' Rick Wagoner (General Motors Chair and CEO), Tom LaSorda (DaimlerChrysler President ...

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    GM changes its mind, posts Q1 profit

    General Motors has revised its first quarter earnings statement to show a profit of $445 million, rather than the $323 million reported earlier this month. GM says the change is based on conversations the company had with SEC regulators regarding whether or not it could write off the settlement ...

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    Second judge recuses self in UAW/Ford health care case

    The district court case between the United Auto Workers and the Ford Motor Co. will have to go without Judge Anna Diggs Taylor. The judge has excused herself from the health care paring case, citing the fact that’s on the Henry Ford Health System’s board. The case has been handed over ...

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    A UAW-free General Motors: the consequences

    George Reisman, professor of Economics at Pepperdine University and author of the book Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, attempts to answer the question of where would General Motors* be today without the United Auto Workers. Some of his ten conclusions include:#1. GM management could fire ...

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    More workers going under the knife before benefits cut

    According to the International Herald Tribune, Michigan physicians, hospitals and medical insurers have noted an increase in the number of elective surgery requests since last year. Replacements for knees, hips and shoulders were up by 20 percent at the Henry Ford Health System alone.A little super ...

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    General Motors helps employees get it up

    OK, the headline is crass, but it's true -- General Motors says it spends $17 million on erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis.  While it's a small chunk of the $5 billion the company spends on health care for 1.1-million salaried and retired employees plus their ...

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    Ford charging fee to insure better halves

    Following hot on the heels of Chrysler’s health care cost restructuring, Ford has announced that it will begin charging an extra fee to employees who choose to cover their spouses on their own policy if they are able to be covered elsewhere. The extra cost will be $110/month for medical ...

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    Chrysler execs bear brunt of health care cost increase

    As Chrysler spends nearly $2.3bil on health care costs per year, about $8K per worker, it was evident at the top level that changes to the system would have to be made. Those changes were announced yesterday and involve a sliding scale of out-of-pocket premium increases that’s based on each ...


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