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    Eyes on the Road: Recon Instruments show off heads-up goggles

    Keeping your eyes on the road is of the utmost importance no matter what kind of vehicle you are piloting. To that end, automakers all over the world have experimented with heads-up displays that show such vital information as your speed and navigation directions right on the windshield in front ...

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    Engadget gets hands on with GlobalTop HD100 GPS HUD

    We said we'd keep you posted, and we meant it. Sister site Engadget just had a brief fling with the GlobalTop HUD GPS device at CeBIT. Unfortunately for them, the demo didn't happen in a car, but rather on the show floor. They said the heads-up display was quite visible on the tinted portion of the ...

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    A HUD for all occassions: GlobalTop GPS & Bluetooth HUD Speedmeter

    How would you like to have a gadget that sits on your dash and projects your speed and other vital info onto your windshield so you can focus your eyes on the road instead of the gauge cluster? Heads-Up Displays (HUD) have been around for eons, most effectively employed in aircraft, but with some ...


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