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    Official: Cadillac moving to NY as separate business unit

    Cadillac is under new leadership, and the automaker is committed to turning itself (back) into a global luxury powerhouse. It's got a strong product offensive (of products currently in showrooms, and much more on the way), and now it will have a new location to call home. Following earlier ...

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    Report: Hyundai spooks investors by paying $10B for new Gangnam HQ location
    Automaker Outbids Samsung, Stock Tumbles 9% 1411076700

    Doing things Gangnam style apparently costs a serious chunk of change, because Hyundai is reportedly paying roughly $10 billion for 19.6 acres (79,342 square meters) of land in the trendy district of Seoul, South Korea, to serve as the location for its new headquarters. That eye-popping number ...

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    Report: Merged Fiat-Chrysler HQ will be in London

    You won't be seeing Sergio Marchionne in his famous sweaters running day-to-day operations of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles from Michigan. Although, he won't be doing it from Italy, either. The FCA CEO recently announced that the company's corporate headquarters would be located in ...

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    Report: Peugeot-Citroën raises cash by selling its Paris headquarters

    You know things are rough when you have to sell your corporate headquarters to raise some cash. But that's just what PSA Peugeot-Citroën did this week, unloading its Parisian office building for about $327 million, according to Automotive News. The 48-year-old headquarters is located in ...

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    Lamborghini picks L.A. for new HQ location

    Some automakers might be concerned over California's fight for an EPA waver, but Lamborghini isn't one of them. Regardless of government-imposed regulations, the Italian exotic car maker knows that the luxury market will continue to demand high-powered vehicles available in every color found in a ...

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    Aston Martin building new design center

    Aston Martins rank highly among the most beautiful cars on the road. Granted, they all look pretty much the same – evolutions on a common theme that has ranged from the DB7 through to the upcoming production Rapide four-door – but each one is a study in elegance and ...

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    DCX makes quick buck by selling Stuttgart HQ

    We had always operated under the assumption that there's no quick way to make a buck in the auto business. Turns out we were wrong, as DaimlerChrysler has just sold its headquarters in Stuttgart for $308.8 million in cash to IXIS Capital Partners Ltd. Don't fret, the building's new owners won't be ...

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    Audi TT: real world pics of Ingolstadt's new coupe

    Press pics are one thing, but sometimes a vehicle’s true allure is masked by the artificial gloss of officially released images. So we’re thankful the guys from the German Car Blog live close enough to Audi’s Ingolstadt headquarters to drop by and snap some live shots of the ...

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    Nissan receives 13,000 applications for jobs at new Nashville headquarters

    If you've already sent in your resume to Nissan for a job in their new Nashville headquarters, congratulations-- you're one in 13,000. The automaker's soon-to-be-transplanted nerve center has had Tennesseans clamoring for virtual applications on the company's web site. Nobody appears to know ...


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