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hd radio

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    BMW making HD Radio standard across the range in 2010

    2011 BMW 335is – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    If you've got your heart set on picking up a 2011 BMW of any flavor, we've got good news for you. The company has announced that it's making HD Radio standard on all of its products, from the lowly 128i to the big 760Li. BMW says ...

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    Audi makes HD Radio standard on three 2011 models

    Audi has announced that HD Radio Technology will be standard on its 2011 model year A6, A8 and Q7 vehicles.The 2011 Audi A4, A5 and Q5 models, sold at lower price points, will also offer the technology, but with the optional navigation radio.

    "We are dedicated to providing our customers with ...

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    SYNC to offer iTunes tagging through HD radio

    Here's another first for Ford after the revelation of its motion-capturing software: The Blue Oval will be the first to offer iTunes tagging through iPods on SYNC-equipped vehicles. Right behind the announcement of mobile Internet connectivity being added to SYNC, this will go along with the ...

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    Scion picks a partner for HD Radio

    Scion has selected iBiquity Digital to provide HD Radio technology in some of its audio systems. Scion hasn't said how it plans to integrate iBiquity into Scions, or which cars will get the systems first, but the partnership marks another incursion of HD Radio into the mass market -- BMW, Ford and ...

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    CES 2008: Ford expands HD radio offering in 2009 to all vehicles

    In-car technology has exploded over the past few years, with navigation screens, hard drives, iPod connectivity, and satellite radio becoming more and more important to consumers. While Ford was slow to get on the multimedia super highway, the Blue Oval has picked up steam with the introduction ...

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    Better sound in Volvos: HD radio standard in 2009

    Since the debut of the original C70, and even before, Volvo's had a hi-fi fetish. That first C70 debuted the idea of in-car surround, running a Pro Logic head unit with available Dynaudio drivers arranged around the cabin. Volvo wants to continue offering its customers a euphonic experience, so ...

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    Ford offering HD Radio on all models

    Today Ford announced that it will join BMW as one of the few automakers offering HD Radio in its cars. Whereas BMW offers the high-def device on just a few of its cars, Ford is jumping in with both feet and offering it in most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models for 2008, though declined to mention ...

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    Jaguar joins BMW in offering HD Radio

    click above image for 14 pics of the 2008 Jaguar XJ Many radio stations have been advertising HD Radio for some time, but until now BMW has been the only volume automaker to implement the technology in production vehicles. Jaguar has decided to enter the fray, offering HD Radio as an option for ...

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    BMW 3-series to come equipped with HD radio?

    OK, we admit that this might be more appropriate on Engadget than Autoblog, but it is about BMW audio, so here goes. HD Radio technology is said to be one of the most significant advances in radio broadcasting history. Their words, not ours, but it's probably true. Just like HDTV, which gives ...


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