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hayabusa v8

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    Hartley reworks Hayabusa powerplant for easy use in autos

    We've been enamored with the idea of stuffing a Suzuki Hayabusa-derived V8 engine into an appropriately light and sporty four-wheeled conveyance since we first learned of such a powerplant's existence last Spring. The task of creating a 'Zuki-powered sled is set to become significantly easier now ...

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    Hartley Enterprises' Haybusa-derived 2.8L V8

    If four's good, then eight must be better - that's the idea behind this jewel-like V8 engine built by Hartley Enterprises from two Suzuki Hayabusa four-cylinder powerplants. The 75-degree V8 displaces 2.8 liters, weighs only 200 lb and puts out 400 hp at a window-rattling 10,000 rpm. Torque peaks ...


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