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    Video: Sick of long lines at the DMV? Hawaii might have a solution

    Hawaii is taking a novel approach to reducing the average wait time in the state's DMV offices. All five O'ahu locations now feature live webcams showing exactly how many patrons are in line at any given time. Visitors can simply check the office's web site ahead of time to see if its clear to ...

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    General Motors to establish pilot hydrogen infrastructure in Hawaii

    Hawaii is set to get the first hydrogen fueling infrastructure in the United States thanks to a pilot project announced today by General Motors and The Gas Company. The Gas Company is the local natural gas and propane utility on the island state. Hawaii makes an ideal location for testing new ...

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    Better Place gets OK to electrify Hawaii

    Back in May, AutoblogGreen brought us news that Hawaii was in talks with Better Place to set up a network of electric car recharging and batter swapping stations across the islands. Fortune now says that the state has inked a deal with Better Place to put their system in place by 2012. The ...

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    Gasoline theft in Hawaii on the rise

    With the cost of gasoline skyrocketing, thieves in Hawaii -- where the average price easily exceeds $4 per gallon -- have taken extraordinary measures to steal fuel. Only mildly deterred by locking gas caps, bandits have been cutting fuel lines to circumvent the common preventatives. With nothing ...

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    Hawaiian gas cap fails miserably

    How do you commit political suicide? Why, institute a gas cap that costs your constituents $55 million more than it would have cost otherwise, of course. Hawaii governor Linda Lingle decided to sign a bill today that would stop the madness that is the Hawaii gas cap, which has put a limit ...


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