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    The Tony Fox "Proud American" and "Bonneville Boss" Rocket Truck

    The Proud American and Bonneville Boss - Click above for high-res image gallery Before our favorite weekly Southern California car gathering this Saturday, we had been told by a friend that he'd be bringing his new rocket truck. Rocket truck? What the heck's a rocket truck? Visions of ...

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    Minivans: not just for Soccer-Moms

    My uncle's motoring choice has always had me a little puzzled. He's got a garage full of Mercedes, Range Rovers, Hummers and a Magnum PI-style Ferrari 308 GTS that he never drives. What does he drive instead? A Chrysler minivan. Chances are you know somebody like that, too. Over at the Kicking ...

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    Will Brian France get called to the NASCAR hauler?

    NASCAR's CEO, Brian France, is not unfamiliar with dealing with the superstars of NASCAR and their driving habits, both in public and on the track. This time though, it seems that France may have to spend some time in the infamous NASCAR hauler himself, but on the other side of the desk. It seems ...


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