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    Aargh, my eyes!!! Ferrari 348 TS "Harlequin" edition

    Remember those Harlequin VW Golfs? You know, the ones where all the body panels were different colors? Well, this is the same thing, only it's a Ferrari 348, and it's for sale in the UK. According to the seller, the car draws stares (gee, big surprise) and is finished to a high standard. Whether or ...

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    Harlequin Rabbit spotted in the wild and shot

    We admit it, VW has engaged our attention with its recent ad campaign for the Rabbit that centers on the furry creature's penchant for procreation. The ad on the back cover of Playboy is great, but the commercial that kicked it off is destined to be a ad classic. Perhaps the coolest thing about ...

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    Has the Harlequin Golf returned?

    In 1996 Volkswagen took four Harlequin Golf models on the auto show circuit. A similar Polo model sold in Europe inspired these cars that feature body panels painted in Pistachio Green, Ginster Yellow, Tornado Red, and Chagall Blue. Building four single-color cars and then exchanging their body ...


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