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    Porsche Designs sleek aluminum hard drives for LaCie

    Porsche is known for some of the sleekest driving machines on the market. LaCie, meanwhile, makes some of the slickest hard drives. Where they intersect is the latest range of external storage devices, penned by Porsche Design for LaCie. Collaboration between the two companies dates back to ...

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    Asus shifts the hard-drive into over-drive with new Lamborghini HDD

    Things tend to get out of hand with Lamborghini. Whether you're driving one and just can't resist pushing the pedal to the floor, or buying one and end up laying down an extra five figures on options. The same goes for Lamborghini electronics, too. Sant'Agata teams up with Asus for that bit, ...

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    Toshiba unveils automotive-grade 200GB hard drive

    Here we have an in-car accessory that won't ask you to take more of your attention from the road. The Toshiba MK2060GSC hard-disk-drive will be available later this year in 100GB and 200GB flavors for OEM entertainment systems. About the only spec that could be considered so-so is the 4,200-rpm ...

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    BMW ditching navigation DVDs for 2009

    BMW's MY 2009 cars will get a new iDrive system with a 40GB hard drive. According to Bimmerfile, the drive allotment will have 12GB dedicated to navigational maps (and 8GB for entertainment and 10GB for your address book, because you've got more friends than music, apparently). With nav maps placed ...

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    Only the beginning: hard drives in cars

    There's already been a silent technology explosion in automobiles over the last ten years. Command and control has become largely a computerized affair. With high and low speed data buses throughout the automobile, your car is basically a network. It used to be that you'd press the power window ...

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    Pininfarina designs hard drives

    Maserati and Ferrari design partner Pininfarina took a break from penning supercars to work on something a little more affordable. The Italian design house teamed up with SimpleTech to produce portable hard drives that have all the curves, gloss and style of the world's hottest sports cars. The ...


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