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    New Favorite: Hamilton U.S. 66 Power Reserve

    There are a lot of automotive wristwatches out there. In fact, we had a really tough time picking only our ten favorites back in December '06. But once in a while, a new one comes along that makes us stop and take notice. This is one such timepiece.The Hamilton U.S. 66 Power Reserve has a striking ...

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    Lewis Hamilton resigns with McLaren for $138 million

    Reports are coming in that Lewis Hamilton, the phenom F1 driver that nearly won the drivers' championship last season, has resigned with team McLaren for a reported $138 million USD over the next five years. The deal keeps the now 23-year-old at McLaren through 2012, though he's said he would stay ...

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    Who'll replace Alonso at McLaren?

    With the 2007 season of Formula One racing now neatly tied up, the last few remaining seats for next year are filling up fast. Following Mercedes' release of Fernando Alonso from his contract with McLaren and his earlier reported letter of intent with Renault where he won his two world titles, ...

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    Hamilton Wiki-attack: the British press fire back

    Okay, this is just getting ridiculous. Remember the story we brought you a couple days ago about the Mercedes employee in Spain who trashed Lewis Hamilton on Wikipedia? Yeah, pretty ridiculous, we know. But the British media, if you can believe it, is actually taking it seriously. The Daily ...

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    Spanish Mercedes employee Wiki-trashes Hamilton

    Mercedes-Benz, which supplies the engines to the McLaren team where British rookie Lewis Hamilton and Spanish champion Fernando Alonso have been battling it out on and off the track all season, is hunting down one of its employees in Spain. The as-yet unidentified employee, evidently an Alonso fan, ...

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    Alonso penalized for blocking teammate

    Current F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso has been stripped of his pole position at today's Hungarian Grand Prix after blatently holding up the FIA's favorite rookie, and reported second coming of Christ, Lewis Hamilton in the pits during qualifying yesterday, in a move reminiscent of Michael ...

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    VIDEO: Boys will be Boys...especially in a McLaren

    As far as rivalries go in Formula One, the competition between two drivers in the same team is far more intense than that between rival squads. Few have articulated that point quite as vividly as Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, the two star drivers at McLaren-Mercedes. One's a returning ...

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    Sean John F1: Puffy wants a part of the action

    An F1 team owned by a rapper? You've got to be kidding, right? Well, he might be, but Sean "Puffy" Combs is reportedly considering buying a team. If car manufacturers, retired drivers, clothing labels and even beverage companies can own F1 teams, why can't a recording artist? In the fast-changing ...

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    Racing to the Top: Hamilton gets the McLaren seat

    McLaren has finally revealed their second driver for the upcoming 2007 Formula One season: Lewis Hamilton will be racing alongside world champion Fernando Alonso, who leaves Renault to join McLaren this season. Hamilton has been a personal protégé of McLaren chief Ron Dennis since ...

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    Teen driver loses life in jet dragster accident

    In a tragic accident on Sunday, 17-year-old Canadian drag-racing protégé Kendall Hebert died when her jet-powered dragster crashed into a wall at Toronto Motorsport Park in the suburb of Cayuga, outside Hamilton, Ontario. The accident occurred during a demonstration, not a race. The ...


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