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    Video: Real-life Warthog from Halo ready to take Master Chief into battle

    343 Studios is preparing its Halo 4 video game for release on November 6, and someone there had the sensational idea to commission a life-sized M12 Force Application Vehicle, otherwise known as a Warthog. G4's X-Play program visited Aria, an Irvine, California company whose custom build work ...

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    Video: Jeremy Clarkson reviews M12 FAV Warthog from Halo... sort of

    We're convinced that Forza Motorsport is out to take over the universe. With the racing simulator's only real competitor, Gran Turismo, sucking wind, the title is kicking in teeth and taking what it wants. An example, you ask? Not only will Forza 4 feature the M12 FAV Warthog from Halo, the ...

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    Report: Infiniti debating anchoring line-up with both entry-level and halo models

    Infiniti Essence Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's not uncommon for an automaker to be evaluating several potential products at the same time, but those models usually hover within the parameters of the company's existing line-up. Not the case with Infiniti. Nissan's ...

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    Video: Crazy people create real-life third-person driving apparatus

    Rooster Teeth drives in the third-person – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    At some point during the last seven years, Rooster Teeth went from making hilarious videos using Halo multiplayer and a little voice-over action to taking on questions Myth Busters-style. What kind of ...

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    Get your Halo 3 on with a full-scale Warthog

    Click image to enlargeHalo players are familiar with the Warthog, the mil-buggy you (and often a friend) use in some scenarios to help the Master Chief dish out death with extreme prejudice to the Covenant's alien baddies. Well, the truck has made the jump from your DLP screen to the real world ...

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    Hyundai wants a halo car

    In its bid to become the world's fifth largest automaker, Hyundai knows it needs a halo car to get there. Not that a halo car would increase the automaker's sales by much (Pontiac plans to sell less than 20,000 Solstice convertibles a year), but a highly desirable vehicle will draw customers into ...


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