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9Hail No! More than 1,000 vehicles damaged by weather in MS

Mother Nature has done her share of damage to cars over the past twelve months. Less than a year after Superstorm Sandy took out 250,000 cars and trucks, tennis ball-sized hail fell from the Mississippi sky this week and pummeled countless unprotected vehicles. Initial estimates say that more than 1,000 cars and trucks were damaged - hundreds at a large dealer mall where new vehicles are sold, and hundreds more near Nissan's assembly plant in Canton – plus those already registered by priva

23Hailstorm damages up to 30,000 Volkswagens awaiting delivery

Those currently waiting for a new Volkswagen, take note: up to 30,000 brand new VeeDubs awaiting customer delivery have been damaged by hail near the VW factory in Emden, Germany. Reports indicate that the hail was ping-pong ball sized, which is certainly large enough to leave a nasty mark. Unfortunately, the naked eye cannot be relied upon to spot each minute piece of damage, so special workers have been brought in from around Germany to help inspect the vehicles under special lighting. Volkswa

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