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gumpert insolvency

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    Report: Gumpert rescue falls through, company goes under [w/video]

    Oh Gumpert, say it ain't so! After breaking into the supercar market eight years ago with the ugly uniquely styled and blazing quick Apollo, the German boutique automaker is finally calling it quits, World Car Fans reports. A year ago, Gumpert declared insolvency after a disastrous foray into ...

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    Official: Gumpert: Insolvency's going great, wish you were here!

    At the end of August, the maker of the Apollo, German carmaker Gumpert, declared insolvency after an unsuccessful campaign into the Chinese market. It joined Artega and Melkus at the courthouse, the trio of boutique makers succumbing to violent economic waters that are troubling even the biggest ...

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    Official: Gumpert declares itself provisionally insolvent

    Once asked by Adam Carolla what this blogger's two favorite cars were, I replied the Lamborghini Murcielago and the Gumpert Apollo. Proving that this August is the cruelest month as far as niche German carmakers are concerned, the latter company, Gumpert, just filed paperwork to begin provisional ...


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