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    Video: Check out the new lowest car in the Guinness Book of World Records

    In an obvious bid to remind the world just how good they are at everything automotive, the Japanese have clinched Guiness's coveted "Lowest Roadworthy Car in the World" trophy. And just to rub it in, the amazingly-low rider was constructed by a high school class. Students and teachers at the ...

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    Report: Blind man fails attempt to set 200 mph speed record [w/video]

    Anyone who has ever perused the Guinness Book of World Records knows that there is an entry for just about anything imaginable and plenty more things you just haven't yet wrapped your head around. There is apparently even a land speed record for bank managers. Well, blind bank managers, anyway. ...

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    World's longest fingernails clipped in SUV accident

    Seatbelts save lives... and prevent broken fingernails, too. An apparently unbelted Lee Redmond was ejected from her SUV during an accident earlier this week. While the noteworthy Utah resident somehow survived the crash, her record-setting fingernails didn't fare as well. The Guinness Book of ...

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    Another Guinness World Record: Longest Contiguous Line of MINIs

    How many MINIs does it take to screw in a light bulb earn a world record? Apparently 273. Last Sunday, June 10, 273 MINIs old and new lined up at Virginia Beach and stretched over five miles to re-establish the record for the longest continuous line of MINIs set just last year. The parade of MINIs ...

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    Wanted: Experienced couch driver

    All right ladies and gentlemen, here is an event destined for an American to has built what they believe is the fastest road-going, street-legal couch in the world. There goal is to pilot this "sofa-racer" to a top speed that will obliterate the previously held world record, set in ...


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