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    A family reunion for the Holden Efijy Concept

    The stunning Holden Efijy Concept recently got the chance to meet its forebears at an event staged outside Holden's headquarters in Port Melbourne, Australia. The Efijy was joined by a fleet of old-school FJ and FX Holdens, the very cars that served as the inspiration for the Aussie concept in the ...

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    Pontiac's new identity: RWD?

    It's no secret that General Motors' one-time "performance" brand has lost its way in recent years, to the point where product czar Bob Lutz singled out Pontiac as one of GM's "damaged brands" in a widely-quoted speech. Now rumors are circulating that GM may revive Pontiac's performance focus by ...

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    Spied: 2007 Holden Commodore!

    Holden's next-generation Commodore has been caught testing in Australia. The vehicle seen here is pivotal for General Motors' large car futures worldwide, not just Down Under. Said to be based on the upcoming Zeta platform, the underpinnings of this vehicle could see duty in everything from the ...

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    The Goat Lives! Lutz says next GTO still on

    They're starting to sound like DaimlerChrysler's SMART division. Pontiac's on-again/off-again GTO is allegedly back on track for 2008, and will likely be built on GM's Zeta platform alongside the 2008 Chevy Camaro, AutoWeek reports. The announcement overturns the news that the GTO's ...

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    GM officially dumps the Pontiac GTO

    Due to slower-than-expected sales and the expense of recertifying the vehicle for 2007 emissions and safety standards, GM has told dealers that this year will be the last for the Pontiac GTO, with the last vehicles hitting US shores in September. Having sold 13,500 units in '04 and 11,600 ...


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