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    Spy Shots: Ferrari 599 GTO, is that you?

    Few letters hold the same lore for Ferrari fans as G-T-O. Pontiac muscle-cars aside, the letters were first used on the iconic '60s-era 250 GTO. The 288 GTO followed two decades later and laid the ground for the F40, the first in the modern age of Ferrari supercars. Now the name is set to come back ...

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    Rumormill: Ferrari 599 GTO? EVO says 700-hp bruiser is on the way

    Ferrari 599XX - click above for hi-res image gallery
    Few words have greater impact when mashed together than "Ferrari" and "GTO." While there are rivals at times, the most expensive car in the word for the last three decades has been the original, Daytona Coupe battling, Le Mans winning Ferrari ...

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    Rumormill: Ferrari preparing hardcore 599 GTO?

    Ferrari 599XX – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ferrari often uses its World Finals event to unveil exclusive new versions of its most enticing road cars. The FXX Evoluzione was unveiled there a couple of years ago, and the 16M Scuderia Spider made its debut at the event last year. ...

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    Jim Wangers back in the business of selling the Pontiac GTO?

    The Pontiac GTO is a muscle car legend. As the car that's most often credited with kicking off the trend of putting the biggest available engine in the smallest available body, the praise and adoration are well-deserved. Despite the reality that the Goat wasn't always the fastest ride available, ...

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    The Little N├╝rburgring: Ferraris in their Natural Habitat at Mont Tremblant

    2009 Ferrari Challenge at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We've always found the idea of going on safari or a diving expedition rather intriguing. But while we can appreciate those willing to spend their precious vacation time and hard-earned cash to see ...

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    MT claims Holden Coupe 60 is really 3-year-old Pontiac GTO replacement

    Spot any similarities? Holden surprised and delighted when it rolled out the Coupe 60 at the Melbourne Auto Show this past week. Motor Trend put two and two together and dug up some three-year-old photos that show off essentially the same car wearing a Pontiac suit, instead. The nose on the ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Pontiac GTO from "XXX State of the Union"

    Click image above to view in high resolution What's the best way to ruin a classic muscle car? Just slap on some gaudy 22-inch chrome wheels and give it a colorful chameleon paint job. While we'd much rather have a pristine example in showroom condition, you have to admit this 1967 Pontiac GTO ...

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    Goat or Chicken: Will 2010 Pontiac be a Firebird or GTO?

    We visited this issue in February, when Winding Road speculated Pontiac would get a Camaro spinoff, but now Car and Driver is weighing in. With the imminent return of the Chevy Camaro, many Poncho fans have wondered about a possible return of the screaming chicken, as well. Pontiac's last attempt ...

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    Replica mutt: Nissan 280Z-based Ferrari 250 GTO, with a BMW V12

    When you read about gearhead guys -- like the kind who put two engines in an Integra -- it's like, "What else is new?" But when you read about gearhead gals, especially the kind who have created the car you see above, it's like, "Uh ... call me." Michelle bought a 1977 280Z on eBay that had been ...

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    Car Costume: Audi 90 Quattro becomes Audi 90 IMSA GTO

    Old Audis are cool, and old racing Audis are even cooler. A Swedish Audi fanatic seems to think so, too, and has gone to extreme lengths to transform a workaday Audi 90 into the IMSA GTO version of that car. Not wanting to go the stripe-and-bodykit route, this Audi's flares were painstakingly ...

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    First glimpse of Pininfarina's Ferrari 600 GTO NART

    Hot on the heels of last year's unique Ferrari P4/5, built for James Glickenhaus, comes this year's Specially Built Ferrari for a North American Customer. The above is a rendering of what will eventually be dubbed the Ferrari 600 GTO. There has never been a car for which the letters 'GTO' ...

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    VIDEO: Tiger underhood! '65 GTO commercial

    Back before engine bays were tightly packed, feline friends would sometimes hop up on a warm engine in the cooler weather. Proximity to the cooling fan would occasionally lead to ah, colorful results. We're sure that no tigers were harmed in the filming of this '65 GTO commercial that the guys at ...

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    VIDEO: '70 Pontiac GTO - "The Humbler"

    Not only were the musclecars of the 70's relentlessly cool, but the TV commercials for them were super-entertaining . We showed you the killer GTO Judge spot featuring Paul Revere and the Raiders already, but this one's even more significant. It's for the 1970 GTO featuring the optional Vacuum ...

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    Proof of evolution: Pontiac announces next gen GXP.R racer for GT racing

    Pontiac will continue it's GT class racing efforts with the new GXP.R, a car that replaces the successful GTO.R (pictured). The GXP.R is being tested today for the very first time in Florida. Pontiac is looking to rack up wins, so it's decided to continue its development partnership with Pratt ...

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    RR of the Day: Holden the Goat in high esteem

    The idea of refitting your set of North American wheels to resemble its domestic market counterpart is not new. One of the more popular conversions has been transforming the Nissan 240SX back into the JDM-spec Silvia from which it sprung. Until the SEMA show last week, however, we were unaware one ...

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    SEMA: Hot Wheels brings hot rods

    John Neff checked in from SEMA all excited about Mattel's Hot Wheels booth and we totally understand. We'd be willing to bet that many regular Autoblog readers have 1:64 scale hot rods doing 360s on their desks.Mattel knows their market, and sent not only hundreds of their beloved miniature cars, ...

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    Vandenbrink GTO may see production

    Many dedicated Ferrari fans have been less than satisfied with the designs rolling out of Maranello. (Taking the 612 Scaglietti as an example, we couldn't blame them, especially when compared to the sumptuous GTs of the past.) Some complain from the sidelines, while others refuse: One customer had ...

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    Trademark dumpster diving reveals a few gems

    The news that is not 'right' has uncovered some interesting automotive tidbits while scouring through obscure trademark filings.First, General Motors has patented the term "8 speed" for use with what is presumed to be an eight-speed transmission. Logical, no? That would put their premium brands, ...

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    Pontiac may get a G8 RWD sedan

    General Motors' announcement last week to build the Camaro and other rear-wheel-drive product at its soon-revamped Oshawa facility is a perfect ignition source for all sorts of RWD product rumors, so let's get things started with talk about the Pontiac G8. The cancellation of the Bonneville has ...

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    CNN reports Top 10 Muscle Car Stars

    CNN Money has published a list of the "Top 10 Muscle Car Stars" as compiled by Kelley Blue Book. Some of the picks are obvious, such as the Hemi 'Cuda convertible, GTO Judge convertible, and the venerable Plymouth Superbird. More of a surprise is the presence of the Ford Torino Talladega, which is ...


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