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    GTM adds turbo to 40TR

    The GTM 40TR (Track and Race) was initially going to be made available with a naturally aspirated 2.0L Type R powerplant from Honda rated at 220bhp. In response to feedback, however, the niche automaker has added a turbocharger to the engine, raising output to an even 300bhp. The 40TR is now ...

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    Real pics of GTM 40TR - the Ariel Atom slayer

    Earlier this month we showed you a rendering of the GTM 40TR, a bare-framed racer with two seats strapped to a Honda Type R engine (reports have power ranging from 197 bhp to 220). It looked just as minimalist if not more than the Ariel Atom, a car to which the GTM has been constantly compared. ...

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    Ariel Atom killa! GTM 40TR

    The same ethos employed by the Ariel Atom is being channeled by GTM, a small car producer based in the UK, whose previous hits include the Spyder and Libra.The GTM 40TR is a track day weapon in the same vein as the Atom, utilizing the potent combination of a bare frame, a couple of seats and the ...


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