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20Knight Rider premiering online Sept. 17th, a week before broadcast

Hey kids, don't forget: the new, not-at-all-improved Knight Rider becomes a weekly series on Wednesday, September 24th. As was the case during the pilot that aired back in February, I'll be on my couch with my laptop, liveblogging the proceedings and adding much-needed "perspective" each week, right until the show's cancellation. Maybe you couldn't care less about the liveblog, though. Or maybe you're just a glutton for punishment. If that's the case, you're in luck -- the Peacock is posting the

56Ford Mustang GT500KR priced at $79,995

Click above for a high-res gallery from our First Drive of the GT500KR.

36NBC greenlights Knight Rider weekly series

You'll see more of him this Fall. Click above for a gallery of the new KITT.

18Knight Rider promotion shifts into high gear

click above for more new high-res images of KITT

26NBC releases second Knight Rider TV spot

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/television/New_Knight_Rider_30_Second_Teaser'; 550 horespower, race-tuned suspension, and the little things like nanotech-enhanced camouflage. These are just some of the features you'll find on the new, heavily-Fordified Knight Industries Three Thousand when Knight Rider, the TV movie, airs next month. No word yet as to whether all of KITT's nifty accessories will be supplemented by other nice-to-haves like a good plot, quality acting, and seamless visual effec

46REPORT: Ford bought Mustang the role of KITT

click above for more images of the new KITT

6Carroll Shelby's personal GT500 coming to Barrett Jackson

Click the image above for more pics of Carroll Shelby's 1969 Shelby GT500

22Shelby GT500KR now rated at 550 HP?

Click image for photo gallery

1Autoblog Podcast #64

We're back with #64 after being laid low by illness and schedule last week. Starting it off is some analysis of the 430HP LS3 Corvette, which we were lucky enough to see unveiled in Bowling Green, KY. 430 horses in the base car...nice. Speaking of rear-wheel-drive sports cars, there's yet another special Mustang, the Super Snake. It's upper limit of 725 horsepower has instantly rendered the GT500KR that debuted in New York totally irrelevant. Wake us up when the rollouts of special Mustangs are

4New York Preview: Mystery Mustang is Shelby KR

UPDATE: Check out the video of the original Mustang Shelby GT500KR after the jump.

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