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    eBay Find of the Day: 2008 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500KR (golf cart)

    eBay Find of the Day: Shelby GT500KR golf cart – Click above for image gallery
    Don't worry folks... this one is fully licensed, so expect no unwanted lawsuits. What you see before you is said to be one example of three Shelby Mustang GT500KR golf carts produced, and this one happens to be ...

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    Shelby lowering price of $20k GT500KR hood after web outrage erupts

    Shelby GT500KR - Click above for high-res image gallery
    When we drove the Shelby GT500KR at Miller Motorsports Park last May, we were impressed with the steps that Ford and Shelby had taken to make its new King of the Road a special vehicle. Not only was the KR a huge improvement over the GT500 ...

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    Knight Rider premiering online Sept. 17th, a week before broadcast

    Hey kids, don't forget: the new, not-at-all-improved Knight Rider becomes a weekly series on Wednesday, September 24th. As was the case during the pilot that aired back in February, I'll be on my couch with my laptop, liveblogging the proceedings and adding much-needed "perspective" each week, ...

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    GT500KR underrated? 5.0 Mustang dyno tests the King of the Road

    Click above for a high resolution image There's horsepower, and then there's dyno-tested, can't-lie-to-your-friends horsepower. If you want to know how much power a car really makes, you've got to strap it to a dyno and spin it to redline. The guys over at 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords are always ...

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    And you thought $79,995 was crazy...GT500KR for sale on ebay for $154,991.00

    When Ford announced the GT500KR's based price of $79,995, many of you thought that it was pretty steep for a Mustang. Even though it's a limited edition Shelby with 540 horsepower, $80,000 can buy a lot of really nice cars. What's even more insane is that we know people will not only buy the KR, ...

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    Ford Mustang GT500KR priced at $79,995

    Click above for a high-res gallery from our First Drive of the GT500KR.Ford will be producing 1,000 GT500KR Mustangs this year, with another 700 in 2009, so FoMoCo is pricing the ultimate 'Stang accordingly. For $79,995 (including destination and gas-guzzler tax), you get everything included in the ...

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    First Drive: 2008 Shelby GT500KR, Part 2

    GT500KR First Drive – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Our initial drive of the Shelby GT500KR on public roads revealed that Ford, SVT and Shelby had addressed many of the issues that we had with the standard GT500. The KR's revised suspension is better balanced and more capable of ...

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    First Drive: 2008 Shelby GT500KR, Part 1

    2008 Shelby GT500KR – Click above for high-res image gallery
    I have to admit, the Shelby GT500 was somewhat of a letdown. I have no complaints about the 500 horsepower or the muscular lines, but at nearly 4,000 pounds, it's got a serious weight problem. The iron block, 5.4-liter V8 and the ...

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    NBC greenlights Knight Rider weekly series

    You'll see more of him this Fall. Click above for a gallery of the new KITT. var digg_url = ''; The Knight Rider TV movie was not good. The updated, Shelby Mustang-based KITT looked undeniably cool (when not in Ugly... er... ...

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    Knight Rider promotion shifts into high gear

    click above for more new high-res images of KITTAs we all know, Knight Rider will be returning to television this Sunday at 9PM EST on NBC. The new Michael Knight played by Justin Bruening and his car companion KITT, voiced by Val Kilmer, made an appearance on the Today Show this morning ...

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    VIDEO: Newest Knight Rider spot arrives

    One week from today, we'll be watching Knight Rider, the 2-hour telemovie that resurrects KITT as a new car (Mustang) with a new voice (Val Kilmer), a new driver (Mike Traceur, son of Michael Knight), and, if ratings are good enough, a probable weekly gig in primetime next Fall. But lets not get ...

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    NBC releases second Knight Rider TV spot

    var digg_url = ''; 550 horespower, race-tuned suspension, and the little things like nanotech-enhanced camouflage. These are just some of the features you'll find on the new, heavily-Fordified Knight Industries Three Thousand when ...

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    REPORT: Ford bought Mustang the role of KITT

    click above for more images of the new KITTWouldn't you like to believe that the producers of the new Knight Rider series saw something in the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR that evoked the essence of what it is to be KITT? Yeah, that's not what happened. According to AdAge, Ford snagging the role of ...

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    Carroll Shelby's personal GT500 coming to Barrett Jackson

    Click the image above for more pics of Carroll Shelby's 1969 Shelby GT500When the GT500 KR was unveiled at New York this past spring, we pressed Ford's SVT team as to why the SVT badging was absent from their creation. Their answer was so simple and obvious that it bears repeating. A 500 HP SVT ...

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    Road & Track Tests the Shelby Super Snake

    Road & Track has given the Shelby Super Snake its very first thrashing, and the first impression is good. For $28,000 over the price of a GT500 KR (R&T's as-tested price was $70,670), you get 50 more horses, two tenths taken off the 0-60, three tenths off the quarter and half a G more on ...

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    Shelby GT500KR now rated at 550 HP?

    Click image for photo galleryWhen Ford first announced the Shelby GT500, the horsepower rating the automaker gave SVT's delicious new creation was 475. As we're all well aware, the car's actual rating wound up being 500, and the rest, as they say, is history. Fast-forward to April 2007 in New York ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #64

    We're back with #64 after being laid low by illness and schedule last week. Starting it off is some analysis of the 430HP LS3 Corvette, which we were lucky enough to see unveiled in Bowling Green, KY. 430 horses in the base car...nice. Speaking of rear-wheel-drive sports cars, there's yet another ...

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    New York Auto Show: Carroll Shelby crowns Shelby GT500KR "King of the Road"

    UPDATE: Video of Ford revealing the GT500KR has been added after the jumpclick above image for 34 high-resolution pics of the Shelby GT500KRA few of us here at Autoblog Towers consider the Shelby Cobra GT500 to be the purest expression of the musclecar genre since lead was removed from pump gas, so ...

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    New York Preview: Mystery Mustang is Shelby KR

    UPDATE: Check out the video of the original Mustang Shelby GT500KR after the jump. var digg_url = ''; We reported earlier this week that Ford will be debuting a new special edition Mustang this week live on ...


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