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gt5 prologue

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    Study suggests driving cars in video games could lead to more purchases in real-life

    Click above for high-res image gallery of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
    When playing car racing video games, do you find yourself choosing vehicles or brands that you've owned in the past? We are definitely guilty as charged on this count, but it seems that this sort of logic works the other way too. ...

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    Gran Turismo 5 could arrive Stateside in late 2009

    Click above for high-res image gallery of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
    We've been playing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for about a year now on our PS3, and it looks like we'll be waiting another 12 months before we get our hands on the full version. Spanish newspaper El Financiero claims that senior ...

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    Citroen GT Concept now available in GT5 Prologue

    Click above for shots of the GTbyCitroen, Ferrari California and Lotus Evora in GT5
    Polyphony's Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is about to get a pretty substantial upgrade. The next time you boot up your Playstation 3, an update will be available for GT5 that will add the GT by Citroen, Ferrari's new ...

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    Sony picks GT Academy winners to race in Dubai 24 Hours

    First art imitates life and now video games do the same, with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Nissan having joined forces to create the GT Academy. Over the course of eight months, the academy culled a group of wannabe racers from a field of entrants who posted the best lap times in GT5 ...

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    Overheard in AIM: Neff brings the perspective

    Nunez's ride this week...We Autobloggers chat on AIM all the time. Imagine a text-only version of the podcast, only 100 times more scatterbrained (who knew this was even possible?) and you'll get the general idea. So anyway, here's an exchange between The Neff and myself from earlier this ...

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    GT5 Prologue to get downloadable damage this fall

    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be dropping April 17th in the U.S., both as a downloadable game from the Playstation Store and on actual Blu-ray disc. We reported last week that damage modeling, long missing from the Gran Turismo series despite being featured in many of its competitors, was for the ...

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    VIDEO: F2007 takes a virtual lap are Suzuka in GT5

    Click above to watch the videoWe love our Xbox 360s here at Autoblog. We really do. But lately we've been thinking about trading in for a PlayStation 3. The cause is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, the temptation only intensifying with every screen capture, new feature and list of drivable cars that ...

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    Drive the Ferrari F2007 in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

    Click above to view more screenshots of the Ferrari F2007 on GT5The beauty about driving games like Forza 2 and Gran Turismo 5 is that they give us (yes, even us here at Autoblog) the chance to drive cars we otherwise couldn't get anywhere near. The latest virtual joy ride to hit the news cycle is ...

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    VIDEO: New GT5 Prologue trailer pretty, oh so pretty

    click above image to view videoIf you watched last night's Video Game Awards on Spike then you saw were among the first to see Digital Polyphony's new Gran Turismo 5 Prologue trailer. If you missed it, however, we've got the vid for you right here. Once again, the graphics are simply stunning. ...

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    GT5 Prologue: More tracks, more cars and one bad-ass Ford GT

    If it were a dessert, it would be Death By Chocolate. Since it's Gran Turismo 5, we're going to call it Death By Motorized Magnitude. Word is the full game will come with 900 cars -- or as The Count would say on Sesame Street, "Count dem, 900 cars, ha ha ha!" And one of those cars will be the Ford ...

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    Pics Aplenty: New screenshots from GT5 Prologue

    click above image for more high-res screen shots from Gran Turismo 5Autoblog loves a good racing simulation as much as the next blog. At the SEMA Show in Vegas last week, John was doing AB proud on Forza 2 Project Gotham Racing 3 and just got nipped for some cool swank at the end of the day. As ...

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    What GT5 Prologue has in store for you

    As previously reported, the demo of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be available to download October 20th through November 11th for those of you lucky enough to be PS3-equipped. Now, we've got the details about what vehicles you'll be able to virtually flog while battling out with 16 other contenders ...

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    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, free download Oct. 20th

    For those of you who worship at the alter of Playstation, life is about to get more bearable. Its name is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (demo), and it will be available to download for free on October 20th. The move is an effort to keep thumbs from atrophying after the long hiatus between GT4 and the new ...

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    Another stunning GT5 Prologue trailer surfaces

    Holy cow! This is going to be one fine looking game if it can come even close to half the realism of these trailers. The newest one we found on YouTube shows a few new vehicles and another dimension of realistic rendering. Sun and shade and even color shifting paint, all look so much like the real ...


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