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    Corvettes to challenge Porsches and Ferraris in ALMS GT2 in 2008

    General Motors still hasn't announced whether the factory GT1 Corvette C6Rs will be return to the American Le Mans Series in 2008, but there will be 'Vettes on the grid next year. Riley Technologies is building a pair of GT2 C6 Corvettes that will be run by Lou Gigliotti's team. GM has approved of ...

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    Edo Competition reworks the 911 GT2 R, now with 997 flavor

    Click the pic above for more high-res images of the EDO Competition 911 GT2 R.Don't be deceived. Although the front clip of this EDO-tuned GT2 may look like the 997 variant that debuted last week in Frankfurt, it's actually a carbon fiber replica that makes use of the headlight design employed on ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: 2008 Porsche GT2 caught behind closed doors

    click above image for high-res gallery of live shotsWe're a little eager for this year's 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show to start, so while attending the official soiree of media professionals at the Frankfurt Messe, we poked around until something caught our attention. That would be the 2008 Porsche ...

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    So good it hurts (the eyes): Gemballa GT2 650 EVO R

    We've said it before, and we'll say it again: messing with perfection is a risky business. And when it comes to motoring bliss, the Porsche 911 sits atop a heap of high-dollar, high-power machinery. However, Gemballa has proven over the years to respect Stuttgart's rear-engine masterpiece, but by ...

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    Faster than getting a coffee at Starbucks: GT2 laps the 'Ring in 7:32

    click above image for gallery From its 530 hp, low curb weight of 3,179lbs, and 204 mph top speed, the 2008 Porsche GT2 is a supercar in every sense of the word. Heck, even its €189,496 sticker places Porsche's most potent 911 in the land of the F430 and the Gallardo. Where the Ferrari and ...

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    ALMS GT2 driver fired DURING last weekend's race

    In our rush to get the Mid-Ohio post completed, we forgot about one of the biggest news items to come out of the weekend. One of the ALMS GT2 drivers was actually let go, as in fired, during the race. About 45 minutes into the 2-hour, 45-minute race, Petersen Motorsports/White Lightning Racing ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #71

    We're shooting from the hip this week for Podcast #71. Rather than prepare, we're going with gut reactions. Starting it off, we mull over the loss of the USGP from Indianapolis, and postulate on where else F1 may pop up in the US. An F1 race on the Vegas strip would be the bomb. Staying with ...

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    Officially Official: 2008 Porsche 911 GT2

    Click for high-res galleryWell, just about everything there is to say about Porsche's 911 GT2 has been said already thanks to the leaked product brochure that hit the internet last week, but Porsche made it all official today. The twin-turbocharged 530-horsepower RWD supercar (and make no mistake, ...

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    Dodge Viper joins ALMS GT2 ranks

    Next week's American Le Mans Series race at Mid-Ohio will feature a special guest appearance by the Dodge Viper Competition Coupe in the GT2 class. Woodhouse Performance, which runs a pair of the cars in the Speed World Challenge series, is converting its #13 car to GT2 specs for the ALMS race to ...

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    Porsche GT2 brochure leaked with official specs, pics

    Click the image above for the full 35-page brochure.We've endlessly covered the impending arrival of Porsche's newest 911 variant, the GT2. Powered by the same force-fed 3.6-liter flat six as the Turbo, yet only sending power to the rear wheels, it's destined to be one of the greatest tarmac toys ...

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    Spy Video: Porsche GT2 beats the 'Ring into submission

    We've been inundated with a ton of spy shots in the last 24 hours – some more compelling than others. But it's a real treat when the static shots are replaced with actual movement, especially when it's something as marvelous as the new Porsche GT2.We've seen our fair share of the ...

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    Sell the house: Porsche GT2 available to buy in November

    Oh baby, does the Porsche GT2 sound like fun. The twin-turbo flat six cranks out a mind-blowing 525 hp while pushing a vehicle that weighs 220 lbs less than the already light 911 turbo. Hitting 60 mph will take only 3.7 seconds, and you can keep the speedo going up to and past 200 mph. If evasive ...

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    New Porsche GT2 will bow at the Frankfurt Auto Show

    Got your calendar out? The Porsche 997 GT2 will attend its first meet-and-greet with the general public at the Frankfurt Auto Show later this year. The newest howler rumbles with 525 bhp. Turn up the boost and play with the black box, and you can have 530 bhp at 2000 rpm. The engine gets a few ...

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    Spy Shots: Porsche 911 GT2 running the 'Ring

    By many accounts, the new GT3 is the greatest 911 ever. Insane levels of grip, coupled with prodigious power delivery and styling that only a purist could love, it might seem unnecessary to mess with perfection. Porsche disagrees. Again.Originally caught testing last October, the 997 GT2 has made ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #61

    We're fired up about a few things for episode #61. We eventually get to an enthusiastic discussion of the American LeMans Series, but we wind our way through a few subjects to get there. We start off with the snub to Chrysler by some DCX shareholders who suggest a return to Daimler-Benz AG name. ...

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    VIDEO: The GT2 finish at Sebring

    var digg_url = ''; At last! The final lap of the 12 Hours of Sebring has been posted on YouTube (thanks to commenter Devin Sylvester for sending the link). If you read our recap over the weekend, ...

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    12 Hours of Sebring ends with Audi win, nail-biting GT2 finish

    UPDATE: Watch the video of the GT2 finish here. The first race of the 2007 American Le Mans Series is in the books with the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring concluding in utterly spectacular fashion. Before we get to the story of the race -- the jaw-dropping GT2 finish -- we need to fill you in on ...

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    Petersen/White Lightning to use Ferrari F430 GT in '07

    You win some, you lose some. First Dyson announces it's dropping a division to start racing LMP2 in a Porsche RS Spyder, and now Petersen/White Lightning is switching from its two-time championship winning 911s to a Ferrari F430 GT. That 2,425 lb. Ferrari is essentially the same as the Risi ...

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    Spy Shots: Porsche 911 GT2 Type 997

    Although we brought you some information about this car just a couple of months ago, World Car Fans has captured a few more pics of the new 997 GT2 lapping the 'ring and we felt like we had to share. After all, it's probably going to be the first 911 production car capable of 200 mph, so we don't ...

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    Spy Shots: Porsche 997 GT2

    Up until now, a variety of sources have said this car doesn't exist. However, World Car Fans have procured a half-dozen shots of the 997 GT2 in action and after looking at the photos and reading the specs, we can't imagine a reason not to bring this newest 911 to market. Changes, much like all of ...


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