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    Official: Lotus responds to rumors of demise, promises 2016 MY Evora

    It's not been a great week for Lotus. Seven days ago, the UK-based automaker laid off a quarter of its workforce, terminating "up to 325 jobs." And then, just a few days ago, it was reported that the company would be ending US sales of its well-received Evora due to the expiration of an airbag ...

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    Breaking: Lotus to layoff a quarter of its workforce

    Lotus has issued a press release to day, wherein it indicates that a "need to both reshape its organisation and to reduce costs" may result in the loss of "up to 325" jobs. That's a fairly significant number of layoffs for any company, but considering that Lotus currently employs 1,215 people ...

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    Report: Lotus bankruptcy case dismissed in UK

    Times have not been easy for Lotus lately, so when its name came up on a list of companies scheduled for a liquidation court, it seemed like the end could be near for the fabled British builder of lightweight sports cars. As it turns out, Lotus was on the Companies Court Winding Up list in the UK ...

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    Report: Lotus F1 no longer sponsored by Group Lotus, team to keep name

    Group Lotus will no longer sponsor Lotus F1, according to The manufacturer pulled its endorsement shortly after parent company Proton announced the sale of Group Lotus to DRB-Hicom. Additionally, Proton won't purchase 50 percent of the race team as previously agreed. The good ...

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    Report: Proton denies sale of Lotus to Genii Capital

    Keen followers of automotive news – particularly the financial side of things – may recognize the name Genii Capital. A couple of years ago, the Luxembourg-based investment firm began acquiring an increasingly large stake in the Renault F1 team. Then, in 2010, the company partnered ...

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    Official: Gordon Murray signs on to advise Lotus

    More than anything else, Lotus has (historically at least) been about two things: it's serious about lightweight construction (following its founder Colin Chapman's ethos of "adding lightness") and it's quintessentially British. And you could say the same about Gordon Murray. The celebrated ...

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    Official: Lotus vs Lotus legal battle ends in a draw

    Say what you will about the state of Formula 1 racing today, but at least when the day is done, there's a winner and there are losers. The drawn-out legal battle between Group Lotus and Team Lotus, however, has come to a rather anticlimactic resolution. As you may recall, Group Lotus (that is, ...

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    Lotus F1 naming dispute heading to court early with new livery, staff

    Lotus Renault GP 2011 livery – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Group Lotus and Team Lotus weren't expected to get their day in court until the summer, but the two outfits are reportedly heading to trial next week to seek a resolution of the naming rights dispute that has emerged ...

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    Lotus versus Lotus: Chapman's son picks a side

    Lotus Renault F1 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We can quit wondering where the Chapman family stands on the whole Lotus F1 debacle. Colin Chapman's son, Clive, has announced that he and the rest of his clan are firmly behind Group Lotus, which has just announced a merger with ...

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    Report: Bob Lutz gives Lotus a 60% chance of success

    If anyone knows about turning things around, it's Bob Lutz. After all, he was a naval aviator, and those guys can pull some serious G forces. He's also widely credited with keeping Chrysler alive for longer than it might have been otherwise. But what's he up to these days? Well for one thing ...

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    Lotus Cars and Lotus F1 embroiled in naming rights dispute

    Stick with us here, because this is going to get a little complicated. We have on the one hand Lotus Cars and Group Lotus. On the other we have the current Lotus F1 team. The former – producers of such sportscars as the Elise and the new Elite – is owned by Malaysian state automaker ...

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    Lotus gets animated with its Omnivore engine technology

    Omnivore [(om-nuh-vawr)]: An animal whose normal diet includes both plants and animals. Human beings and bears, for instance, are omnivores. So says, at least. Ask the engineering boffins from Lotus, though, and they'll tell you than an Omnivore is an engine that can operate on ...

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    Done deal! Lotus will build the Tesla Roadster in Hethel

    Well, we knew that Lotus personnel had been working with the folks from Tesla Motors on their sexy electric roadster, and today we received a bit of interesting related news. According to a report on (the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press website), Group Lotus' involvement with the Tesla ...

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    Lotus CEO leaves company unexpectedly

    Kim Ogaard-Nielsen is now the former Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus Plc, with Lotus veteran Mike Kimberley (right) named as Acting CEO, effective Thursday.The move comes as a surprise, as Ogaard-Nielsen had only joined the company in November 2004. In standard press release doublespeak, ...

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    Lotus looking to contract manufacturing

    Recent developments at Lotus Cars strongly suggest that the legendary British sports car company is setting up to build cars for other automakers. Lotus builds about 5,000 cars per year, with its new supercar due to be added to the total soon. But Autocar reports that Lotus has the capacity to ...


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