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    Video: Take a spin in a street-legal Lancia Group B rally car

    Lancia's death is sad for many, many reasons, chief among which is the end of its wonderful, wild rally heritage. While the brand might best be known for the Stratos and the Delta HF Integrale, there was another big name model, called the 037, that did its best to live up to the family name. The ...

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    Frankfurt: Porsche 959 Prototype started it all

    While Porsche was unveiling the new Nürburgring-dominating 918 Spyder downstairs in Hall 3 here at the Frankfurt Messe, there was another Porsche supercar quietly and discretely on display upstairs in the same hall. That, of course, was the 959. But not just any 959: this was the original ...

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    Video: Watch this Audi S1 Group B racer tear up the Kyustendil Hillclimb

    Bulgarian tuner Prospeed has built a replica of Audi's fabled S1 World Rally Championship mauler out of a garden-variety Audi Coupe, and it's a convincing-looking beast. Helping in its bid for authenticity is genuine Group B horsepower: 800 ponies, to be exact. It won the Bulgarian Hillclimb ...

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    Video: When Group B monsters roamed the earth

    Group B monsters in action – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Though it only existed for four short years, Group B racing has continued to captivate fans of all ages. From 1982 through 1986, motorsports enthusiasts around the world gathered en masse to watch Lancia, Audi, Renault ...

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    VIDEO: Old Dirty Bastards - The glory of Group B

    The gorgeous insanity of Group B - Click above to watch the video
    You know, there's a reason people talk about Group B racing – and the drivers who participated in it – in practically hushed tones. After all, we're currently in an era where motorsports news is just as likely to be ...

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    Ultimate rally car collection hits the block

    UPDATE: Images removed by request of ownerIn the eighties, David Sutton owned the company that prepared rally cars for Audi UK. It turns out he was collecting cars at the same time as he was preparing them, and putting them in his Historic Motors Ltd museum. The assortment includes seven Audis, ...

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    VIDEO: Playing indoors - Lancia Delta S4 on a kart track!

    How many times have you heard someone use the phrase, "That thing handles like a go-kart." Well, in the case of the Lancia Delta S4 of Group B fame, it's true. The video embedded after the jump was taken at an indoor track. Killer stuff, and it had to have sounded incredible in there while this was ...

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    VIDEO: Porsche 959 takes the Paris-Dakar Rally

    In the early '80s, the FIA devised a new set of rules for production based race cars that could be used for both track racing and rallying. The Group B rules spawned some of the wildest homologation specials devised at that time. Under the rules, a minimum of 200 production models had to be built ...

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    Night Watch: Michele Mouton on the sound of the Audi Quattro

    In the YouTube clip embedded after the jump, former Audi driver Michele Mouton briefly reminisces about her time behind the wheel during the crazy Group B days.She talks about some of the things that were the most emotionally stirring and tells the documentary crew," If I have some emotion, of ...

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    VIDEO: More sights & sounds of Group B

    Put together by the same person who assembled the clip we brought you yesterday, here's another round of hot, slippery, and sublime Group B action. The more you watch, the more you appreciate the skill of these drivers. Not only did they have to contend with their supremely powerful cars and the ...

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    VIDEO: The sights and sounds of Group B

    I'm guessing that I had you at "Group B."Click on the video above and take the time machine back to the days of Group B, where the rally cars were audacious and overpowered, the drivers heroic, and the action unrivaled and dangerous. All you hear are the cars and the crowds, and as car-related ...

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    More Group B sales action - a Ford RS 200 Evo pops up in classifieds ad

    If a Porsche 959 is just too commonplace or not quite raw enough to satisfy your primal rally-car lust, how about a Ford RS 200 Evolution? Where as the German vehicle was much like a well-dressed triathlete with social skills, Ford's entry into the Group B madness of the 1980s had a personality ...


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