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    2008 Saturn Vue Green Line, 32 mpg highway for $24,795

    click above image to view gallery of the 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line var digg_url = ''; The second generation of General Motors' original hybrid SUV has arrived, and it's still the cheapest hybrid SUV on the ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: ?koda Fabia GreenLine

    Click images for photo galleryGreen-ness in the European auto market has become quite the trendy thing, as evidenced by the frenzy of alt-fuel/economy/clean-tech debuts littering the IAA floor. It's to be expected, given the regulatory noises coming from Euro government officials. VW-owned Czech ...

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    Autoblog Week in Photos: Week of June 04, 2007

    Time is winding down for the chance to win a fully-loaded $29,000 Dodge Nitro, so get in when the getting is still good (Enter every day through June 14th by clicking here.) This week in pictures saw plenty of spy shots, new models, and some interesting videos. Among the many stories on Autoblog, ...

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    In the Autoblog Garage: 2007 Saturn Aura Green Line

    Click image for photo galleryWe recently spent a week with Saturn's latest addition to the stable, the Aura Green Line, which afforded us the opportunity to size it up relative to its Aura XR sibling that we tested last year. The Aura XR was impressive, with attractive styling, some real pop ...

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    Saturn Aura Green Line becomes lowest priced hybrid

    The folks at Saturn have finally slapped a sticker on their 2007 Aura Green Line, and at $22,695 (with destination fee) it undercuts the price of every other hybrid on the market. If that wasn't enough incentive to woo would be fuel misers into the dealership, the Green Line also qualifies for the ...

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    Chicago Preview: '08 Saturn Vue Red Line & Green Line

    Click for Red Line / Green Line photo gallery var digg_url = ''; It turns out that the Astra isn't the only thing GM's Saturn division has up its sleeve for this week's big Windy City show. Visitors to McCormick Place ...

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    In the Autoblog Garage: 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line

    Click image for full review at AutoblogGreenDid we say Autoblog Garage? We meant to say AutoblogGreen Garage, because that's where we've posted our thoughts about Saturn's first hybrid vehicle. Yes, it still sports the "classic" plastic-fantastic bodywork. No, it can't run in all-electric mode. But ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: A conversation with Jill Lajdziak

    Saturn general manager Jill Lajdziak's enthusiasm for her brand is infectious. And really, who can blame her? The charismatic and ebullient Ms. Lajdziak is at the helm of a brand that's critical to GM's product-based turnaround plan and which has seen its entire lineup overhauled over a very short ...

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    2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid will be true 2-mode hybrid

    UPDATE: Saturn will initially offer the new Vue Green Line with the current model's mild hybrid drivetrain, then offer both that drivetrain and the new FWD two-mode system together. See AutoblogGreen's coverage with more info here.Here's some news we weren't expecting. The 2008 Saturn Vue Green ...

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    LA Auto Show: Aura toeing the Green Line

    UPDATE: Gallery of live shots added after jumpAfter being on sale for a year, the Saturn Aura is getting its green wings. The Aura Green Line is the first of four hybrids that General Motors will release in 2007, another of which includes the 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line. Like that vehicle, the Aura ...

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    Thirty minutes with the 2007 Saturn Aura

    The 2007 Saturn Aura is a critical car for General Motors; GM will even tell you that to your face. It represents a solid break for Saturn towards the European-inspired brand that it should be. By leveraging the resources of Opel in Europe, GM was able to bring a vehicle with European character to ...

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    Saturn announces pricing for 2007 Vue Green Line hybrid

    General Motors' Saturn division has claimed the honor of having the lowest-priced hybrid SUV on the market, announcing Wednesday that the Vue Green Line will sticker at $22,995 - almost $4,000 less than its competitors.Not only is the Vue Green Line the cheapest hybrid SUV, it also offers the best ...


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