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greenhouse gases

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    Study: Engine exhaust may be contributing to bee colony collapses

    Among all the various factors playing into the collapse of bee colonies around the world, one of them could be your car. A UK study into how diesel exhaust fumes may affect bees' ability to pollinate flowers found that nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen oxide (NO2) - NOx gases - change the chemical ...

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    Report: House panel attempting to block EPA from regulating tailpipe emissions

    The Clean Air Act of 2007 gave the Environmental Protection Agency the right to regulate tailpipe emissions due to their dangers to public health. The law also gave states like California the right to set their own emissions policies; a move that could force automakers to meet several different ...

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    Toyota: Prius exhaust less harmful than sheep emissions

    Toyota Prius versus sheep – Click above to enlarge
    The flatus of the Toyota Prius is less harmful than the flatus of a sheep. Who knew? Apparently, Toyota's Israeli arm, that's who. As you can see from the advertisement above, the methane gas produced by livestock can indeed be worse for ...

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    EPA reverses decision, approves California's greenhouse gas emissions waiver

    The saga of California's greenhouse gas waiver has come to an end with the EPA deciding that the state can indeed enforce its own GHG emissions standards for new motor vehicles. This means that, at least between now (with current model year vehicles) and when the 2012 MY vehicles arrive, California ...

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    Let's Make a Deal: Automakers reportedly reach agreement with lawmakers on carbon cap legislation

    Now that the U.S. has officially concluded that greenhouse gasses are harmful to human health, it's time to do something about them. One major hurdle standing in the way of the U.S. implementing carbon cap and trade legislation appears to have been cleared as both the domestic automakers and ...

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    REPORT: EPA declares greenhouse gases a public danger, may be preamble to new emissions laws

    According to the Detroit News, the Environmental Protection Agency has taken a likely step towards stricter emissions standards, as it has asked the White House Office of Management and Budget to declare greenhouse gas a public danger. California, along with several other states, is looking to ...

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    Federal court overturns MPG standards for light trucks

    The federal government has gotten more interested in greenhouse gases, and as a result there has been a lot of tough talk concerning raised CAFE numbers. Much less time has been devoted to reducing CO2, which is the single largest contributor to global warming. Now that the spotlight is shining ...

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    Turn off your AC: Nation's power grid can handle 180 million EVs

    Although there is a lot of debate about what type of green technology will be the best for our environment and our economy into the future, plug-in hybrids appear to be growing in popularity. One of the concerns with this type of alternative energy vehicle is what will happen to our power grid when ...

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    California sues 6 carmakers over greenhouse gases

    Long at the front of environmental efforts, and often ridiculed because of it, California filed a groundbreaking lawsuit against six major automakers today. The allegation is that these automakers have caused millions of dollars worth of spending by the state due to increased greenhouse gases ...


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