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16Greek ferry boat boarding is like a video game drawbridge challenge

Greece is a country made up of many islands, but only some of them are linked up by bridges. That leaves ferry boats as one of the primary modes of transportation between those islands, but the conditions on the Mediterranean, Ionian and Aegean seas aren't always hospitable. Just take it from these guys trying to load cars onto a Hellenic Seaways ferry.

14Remembering the tiny, quirky Enfield Electric Car from the 1970s [w/video]

Bell bottoms and oversized collars from the 1970s might strike some as kitschy, but the concept of an urban electric vehicle pioneered by UK-based Enfield during the early part of that decade remains current. With Nissan starting production of its all-electric Leaf in Sunderland in the UK earlier this year, the BBC recounts the brief history of a car that it says was ahead of its time.

10Video: Pushing the limits with Robbie Maddison, 311 feet above the Corinth Canal

Look closely for the flying Aussie – Click above to view the Corinth Canal jump video after the jump

34Subaru releases Impreza WRC2008 ahead of launch at Acropolis rally

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Subaru Impreza WRC2008.

AddGreece looking to convert sugar plants to biofuel production

Greece is looking to make a major push into biofuels in the next few years. The intent is to support Greek Sugar farmers by making more use of the sugar beet crop in the country and divert about 50 percent of it from sugar production to biofuels. Because Greece is subject to European Union agricultural quotas they have to get EU approval to shift to two sugar plants over to biofuel production.

AddGreece gears up for Hellenic Grand Prix bid

It just doesn't stop – now every country and their neighbor seems to want to host a grand prix, and lucky Bernie Ecclestone gets to decide who gets one and who doesn't. Following recent reports of Singapore, India, Abu Dhabi and Portugal all seeking to bring Formula One to their countries, the latest to join the fray is Greece, where the government has pledged its support to seeking the establishment of a Greek Grand Prix.

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