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    VIDEO: 3,000 HP Greasel falls flat on record run

    This 3,000-horsepower peanut oil-powered pickup was supposed to make a record speed run for grease-powered vehicles of between 160 and 200 mph. That was what we were told at SEMA where the twin-turbo '87 Chevy Silverado, nicknamed Greasel, was unveiled. The truck made its record run at the El ...

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    In the Autoblog Driveway: 2003 VW Jetta SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil)

    One lesser-known movement in green car technology is converting diesels to run on SVO, or Straight Vegetable Oil. Unlike biodiesel, which is produced by chemically modifying vegetable oil so that it can be used in a diesel vehicle with no modifications, SVO requires a second fuel system for the ...


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