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    Report: Clarkson contract blunder leads to cancellation of Top Gear TomTom GPS

    Those of you hoping to hear the boisterous voice of Jeremy Clarkson coming out of your TomTom GPS are going to be quite disappointed. As it turns out, part of the BBC's editorial guidelines state that none of the Top Gear presenters can endorse motoring products, and thus, having Clarkson ...

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    Official: New Top Gear edition TomTom satnav features Stig Mode

    Top Gear fans who go orgasmic at the first note of Jeremy Clarkson's dulcet tones will be happy to hear that TomTom has released a new GPS soaked in the world's favorite car show. As previously rumored, the TomTom Go Live Top Gear Edition sat nav features driving directions narrated by Jezza, as ...

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    Report: GM's OnStar now spying on your car for profit even after you unsubscribe? [UPDATE]

    If you're the owner of a fairly new General Motors product, you may want to take a close look at the most recent OnStar terms and conditions. As it turns out, the company has altered the parameters under which it can legally collect GPS data on your vehicle. Originally, the terms and conditions ...

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    Report: Jeremy Clarkson voicepack coming to TomTom navigation

    Way back when, animated characters were voiced by anonymous folks with great pipes. These days, you need A-list celebs to sell pixelated fish and other playthings. The disembodied and slightly stilted voices of navigation systems appear to be going the same way, and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson ...

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    Report: Supreme Court to hear automotive GPS tracking case

    The Supreme Court is set to rule on whether or not law enforcement officers need a warrant in order to track a suspect's vehicle with a GPS device. The case centers around Antoine Jones, whose vehicle was bugged for a month without his consent or a go-ahead from the justice department. The police ...

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    Exclusive: 2014 Porsche ACC InnoDrive tested... hello, Big Brother?

    Should Porsche Make Cars That Even Hint At Driving Themselves? We have to remind ourselves to breath deeply at these high-tech junctures in the road. Porsche is still first and foremost a remarkable sports car company that we all love and adore for so many reasons. In recent years, yes, Porsche ...

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    Intel and Foryou team up for next-gen infotainment systems

    If you're not familiar with Foryou, you're not alone. The Chinese component maker has been producing primarily aftermarket head-units since 2002. But as of today, it's getting in bed with the big boys. Foryou is teaming up with Intel to create the next generation of aftermarket and OEM, integrated ...

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    Report: OnStar asks FCC to investigate LightSquared over GPS interference

    The ongoing spat between a company known as LightSquared and a number of high-profile combatants including the Defense Department, the Federal Aviation Administration, John Deere and General Motors' OnStar service continues unabated. The Federal Communications Commission, which has to approve of ...

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    Video: Stranded Canadian couple latest victims of "Death by GPS"

    Recently, we learned that sixth-generation Chevrolet Corvettes are out to get us, and now it seems that our beloved GPS has turned on us. Consumer Reports calls it "Death by GPS", and it's a term that refers to folks who wind up in dangerous or fatal situations because they blindly follow the ...

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    New nationwide 4G network to interfere with GPS units?

    There's a whole world of radio frequencies and space-based signals that most of us don't care to know much about. But when it comes to our cell phones and GPS units, what we don't know may just hurt us... or at least hurt our ability to find the nearest fast food restaurant. Translogic reports a ...

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    TeleNav GPS comes to iPhone 4... for a price

    Jealous of your Android-toting friends with their slick Google Maps Navigation service? Well, a new GPS app has arrived for the iPhone 4 and it's also free... for 30 days. TeleNav has released a new version of its GPS app for the iPhone and in addition to providing the usual navigation and POI ...

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    Emotionally sensitive satellite navigation systems in development?

    It's one of the great ironies of our age that many of the devices that were crafted to make our lives easier are more prone to catapulting us into fits of blinding rage. Anyone who's been led astray by satellite navigation knows exactly what we're talking about. But what if your devices knew that ...

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    Exclusive: Navteq acquires Trapster

    Earlier this week, the ink dried on a deal for Navteq to acquire Trapster, the speed trap and road hazard tracking company that makes GPS apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Navteq's interest in Trapster is obvious: One of the world's largest mapping and sat-nav software companies needs more ...

  • 0 puts a co-driver into your GPS device [w/video]
    1288652460 puts the co-driver into your GPS device – Click above to watch video after the jump is a new site that aims to cater to those who enjoy that early morning weekend blast up a canyon road. The members-only website offers information on the best driving roads ...

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    Escort Passport iQ marries GPS with radar detector

    Escort PASSPORT iQ – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Escort has released its brand-new Passport iQ automotive accessory. We would call this a radar detector, but it appears to be much more than that. The Passport iQ, in addition to detecting radar and laser, has a built-in GPS unit, ...

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    Mopar gets into the vehicle tracking / parental tattletale business

    Mopar, the motor parts division of Chrysler, has enjoyed a nice long run providing parts and accessories for the entire Pentastar family. Whether you own a muscle car or a muscular off-roader, the Mopar catalog has you covered. Now it's venturing into a new arena with the launch of the Mopar ...

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    Meet California's Dr. Roadkill

    If you hit an animal with your car, do you stop and take a picture of your victory against nature kill? Did you know that someone out there is snapping pics of the deceased critters? His name is Ron Ringen and his friends refer to him as Dr. Roadkill. According to The New York Times, Ringen is not ...

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    Infographic: The Unstealable Car

    What a theft-proof car requires – Click above to view the image after the jump
    According to, one million vehicles (worth a total of $7.5 billion) were stolen in the United States last year. If you don't want to join a top ten list of vehicles dominated by Honda and Toyota, ...

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    Garmin Nuvi GPS recalled over fire risk - Suzuki threatened?

    Garmin has recalled a total of 1.25 million portable GPS units for a possible fire risk, with 796,000 of those sold here in the United States. According to Consumer Reports, the problem stems from a faulty battery that may cause the device to overheat while in use. So far, there have been no ...

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    Study: Most in-car arguments are over directions. No they aren't. Yes they are.

    Here's a handy piece of information to keep in mind the next time you hop into the car with your significant other. According to a study commissioned by Halfords – a UK car accessory company – 70 percent of those polled admitted to having an argument in a vehicle at least once a month. ...


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